Thursday, 25 August 2016

Heavenly Ascent

The stars in correlation in the darkness that is painted,
across the universe with embedded specks of light.
A cure in our hearts that heals all that is tainted,
what is this miracle that is passing by our eyes?

The moon in full radiance and all it's majestic shine,
the earth at night bows in subjugation to it's might.
It cannot compare to a sight that rules the very skies,
nor engulfed in darkness when it is so luminous and bright.

The songs in our heart beat in rhythms unsung and unknown,
our minds cannot comprehend such miracles alone.
It is a thought we hold when we sit in solitude at home,
till the very dawn as the sun rises upon its heavenly throne.

An ascent to the gates of heaven as it enflames the skies,
painting it an orange that slowly fades into a blissful blue.
This is a miracle that can be seen before our very eyes,
if our souls are awake during the hour of birth and rise.

Beauty can be found when the sun hides and moon awakens,
the skies wrapped in a blanket of black that stretches fourth.
Jewels embroidered within that blanket shining like fires blazing,
in a distance so very far, a beauty unlike any seen before.

This is life, while it contains trials there is beauty to be found,
wherever we look and wherever our hearts may take us.
In each sight that we see, and in every unheard sound,
it is our heart that feels and what truly makes us.

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