Friday, 26 August 2016

About Maavi - @RealMaaviPoet

Maavi started his journey of poetry approximately 4 years ago after his friends had shown him he had possessed a gift or a talent most would call it. It is then that Maavi decided he wanted to help people, especially the younger audience, to find solace in poetry so that they may find help in relatable words as well as building interest in the written arts. Over the years, Maavi has received various angles of recognition, some interest from celebrities including the likes of Kim Kardashian,  as well as being interviewed on national radio i.e the BBC. It is then Maavi decided to compile an anthology that he may be able to share his words with the world

Maavi, 23, is from Birmingham. From a normal boy, Maavi has become a figure of great interest in the eyes of the younger generation. His talent is slowly being recognised by the world. He has been interviewed by the BBC National Radio. He has been featured in two online magazines, he is now a published author and has amassed a fan base of over 150,000 followers on twitter. He is now also being represented by ICM talent agency. 

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