Sunday, 21 August 2016

A Soundless Song

A heart lost for words,
it's song has no volume.
It feels like an empty world,
and yet it still wants you.

In all these passing years,
you always rested in my mind.
With all these falling tears,
my love has yet remained blind.

Your shadow is bound to me,
but our destinies set apart.
Even the tingle of your whisper
is a beautiful sound to me
and it pleases the stars.

Your name was my melody,
it sent my soul to dreams.
We had the strongest chemistry,
but yet that now seems a dream.

You were my heart's remedy
when it was ailed by solitude.
Your touch was what set me free
finding relief in your promise too.

My heart is torn in two,
and against my mind
it is fighting a war for you
and struggles against
such tired sighs.

My heart is shattered,
and in my crying eyes
I've drowned in thoughts of you
and like all else
my love never truly mattered.

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