Friday, 26 August 2016

About Maavi - @RealMaaviPoet

Maavi started his journey of poetry approximately 4 years ago after his friends had shown him he had possessed a gift or a talent most would call it. It is then that Maavi decided he wanted to help people, especially the younger audience, to find solace in poetry so that they may find help in relatable words as well as building interest in the written arts. Over the years, Maavi has received various angles of recognition, some interest from celebrities including the likes of Kim Kardashian,  as well as being interviewed on national radio i.e the BBC. It is then Maavi decided to compile an anthology that he may be able to share his words with the world

Maavi, 23, is from Birmingham. From a normal boy, Maavi has become a figure of great interest in the eyes of the younger generation. His talent is slowly being recognised by the world. He has been interviewed by the BBC National Radio. He has been featured in two online magazines, he is now a published author and has amassed a fan base of over 150,000 followers on twitter. He is now also being represented by ICM talent agency. 

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Heavenly Ascent

The stars in correlation in the darkness that is painted,
across the universe with embedded specks of light.
A cure in our hearts that heals all that is tainted,
what is this miracle that is passing by our eyes?

The moon in full radiance and all it's majestic shine,
the earth at night bows in subjugation to it's might.
It cannot compare to a sight that rules the very skies,
nor engulfed in darkness when it is so luminous and bright.

The songs in our heart beat in rhythms unsung and unknown,
our minds cannot comprehend such miracles alone.
It is a thought we hold when we sit in solitude at home,
till the very dawn as the sun rises upon its heavenly throne.

An ascent to the gates of heaven as it enflames the skies,
painting it an orange that slowly fades into a blissful blue.
This is a miracle that can be seen before our very eyes,
if our souls are awake during the hour of birth and rise.

Beauty can be found when the sun hides and moon awakens,
the skies wrapped in a blanket of black that stretches fourth.
Jewels embroidered within that blanket shining like fires blazing,
in a distance so very far, a beauty unlike any seen before.

This is life, while it contains trials there is beauty to be found,
wherever we look and wherever our hearts may take us.
In each sight that we see, and in every unheard sound,
it is our heart that feels and what truly makes us.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

A Soundless Song

A heart lost for words,
it's song has no volume.
It feels like an empty world,
and yet it still wants you.

In all these passing years,
you always rested in my mind.
With all these falling tears,
my love has yet remained blind.

Your shadow is bound to me,
but our destinies set apart.
Even the tingle of your whisper
is a beautiful sound to me
and it pleases the stars.

Your name was my melody,
it sent my soul to dreams.
We had the strongest chemistry,
but yet that now seems a dream.

You were my heart's remedy
when it was ailed by solitude.
Your touch was what set me free
finding relief in your promise too.

My heart is torn in two,
and against my mind
it is fighting a war for you
and struggles against
such tired sighs.

My heart is shattered,
and in my crying eyes
I've drowned in thoughts of you
and like all else
my love never truly mattered.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Living With Love

Co Written by Lauren Gorger

Misclarity. A feeling unknown to the soul,
undecided, indecisive, unassured filled with hope.
An emotion stirring and growing to be recognised,
rising in recognition as it climbs up the rope.

Sometimes it leaves a trace of such stubborn pain,
to leave it's mark on the heart that wishes it away.
In an alternate dimension it shall be internal joy,
and the heart shall appreciate it and ask it to stay.

But what do they call this? 
They call it love.
An emotion commonly mistaken for lust.
A bridge built upon a foundation of common trust,
usually established as a blessing from above.

So many tales and stories, poems and lyrics of songs,
they speak about love in ways beyond the realm of mind.
We can only picture in our heads of such strengthened bonds,
but in the world today we create them with eyes so blind.

They slander love with shallow words of lust. 
They just take trust and crumble it up,
only to throw it in a corner like it was never enough. 
Deeply shoved under the rug, 
they slice every hug with ridged scissors. They leave you uneven; 
they give you no reason. 

There is no reason to bleed in the same hands that play in your pain...
the same hands that wave you away and never ask you to stay, 
just to blame your name so that it never sounds the same to you. 

These are the same hands that took a blade to your mind and your wheels, 
so when you find the sense of you that you feel is real, 
you have no choice but to still be still. 

Still, we fill the empty holes that once spilled with the feel of the thrill. 
They slander love without hold on a love of their own. 
I don't condone never really being home, 
while you roam for warmth to help you feel less alone.

Are you comfortable in what you sleep in? What holds you the deepest? 

They caused me to release this, 
Because they slander love with no intention of being it.

I Still Love You

I tried so hard
to forget the memories.
The love in my heart
that had once
defined my destiny.

It troubles me again,
aches at every glance.
As my eyes catch your face,
It cries for another chance.

You were the best of me,
and still you remember me.
You saw the best in me,
and your love was my legacy.

With each setting sun
and rising moon,
When sleep is shunned
and dreams come
so quick and soon,
this love leaves me stunned.

Phantasies are perhaps false,
but the feelings is surely real.
Tis just a beautiful image,
a reflection of what we want
and how it is that we feel.

Why do you haunt me,
a love that once beckoned.
Your beauty still taunts me,
I despair in every second,
knowing that you shall
never again call me.

Your love still lingers,
your touch still remains
as I feel it up my spine,
like a night in cold winter
in a past age and time.

Two years have passed
and my love remains strong.
It shall never break or shatter
though my heart is broken
into many pieces like glass,
It still loves as much as it did
to be able to still sing it's song.

Screaming violently,
you're with the wrong man.
Beating silently,
our love wasn't a long plan.

Two years later
and I still love you so,
but you had found 
something greater.
How was I to know?

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Invading Love

Co written by Krystal M Fitch

I sang to her these struggling words,
in a melody with a desire to be heard:

"Perhaps it was unintentional
yet you have still invaded my heart.
This love seems three dimensional,
one you have created from the dark.

You are unaware of what you do,
or the stirring you cause inside.
You are unaware of the truth,
oblivious to the emotions you incite.

It started from a day dreaming glance,
eyes that pierce the core of souls.
It's provoked my heart's off beat dance,
now it stays in rhythm till the winter's cold.

Like a tickling flame you seem to burn,
all those you touch melt as you pass.
And those you touch, of love they learn,
an affection awoken that threatens to last."

Afraid of her reply yet reply she did,
and I read the words as were from her lips:

"With lasting impression 
you've imprinted upon these souls,
Your impression is more or less an infection,
causing hearts to fill with holes.

Although winter is cold,
and summer hot,
The heart will heal it's hole
but the inner soul will rot. 

And me, you will love,
but you, I will not. 
For you will live above,
but I, in a plot. 

A grieving heart,
that's set to embark,
will end up living
within the dark."

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Weeping Shadow

My shadow is truthfully weeping.
my heart is profusely bleeding.
My soul is shaken and  defeated,
the peace I once believed I had
is just the very thing I needed.

My mind is lost and drowning,
in such dark overflowing doubts.
Limitless thoughts amounting,
against a lonely soul that 
once stood strong and proud.

My heart has been abused,
by what it thought to be truth.
My heart has lost its muse,
it's almost nothing now
and it's tears are it's proof. 

Stepped on like pathway stones,
living in a quiet yet broken home.
Crushed in so many palms,
to those it was given to
with the stretch of a loving arm.

The skies aren't blue anymore,
no entrances in open doors.
Without a heart I am nothing,
and my life shall be nothing
like the way it was before.

Words can heal and even destroy,
they can cause sorrow or a deep joy.
They can be the very reason
that a heart might lose it's voice
through each time lapsing season.

A heart that has cried 
throughout it's entire life.
Losing sleep, bloodshot eyes,
wishing to be stabbed 
in the heart with a knife.

The heavens cry,
for It has heard
a  broken soul's sigh.
The rains shower us,
and darkness devours us,
now blind in this world.

Walking with pains 
we dare not forget.
Walking with pains,
and memories we regret.
soaked in the rains,
living a life that
can't ever be reset.

A screaming heart unheard,
the defeated stars unspoken.
bloodshot eyes are now blind
in such havoc; a chaotic world,
In which nightmares are true
and dreams remain broken.

I have to now keep my eyes closed,
I have lost everything even my hope.
I have strayed on this long unwinding road,
and too weak to keep climbing up
 higher on this chance given rope.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

The Devil's Tear

A broken heart screams in silence that goes unheard,
our ears are deaf to such pain and we remain oblivious.
We are ignorant to the reach of feelings and words,
a broken heart by the entire universe is considered piteous.

It's scream shatters the boundless universe's dimensions,
extinguishing blazing stars and wordly planets as it travels.
Nothing in this chaotic world dares defy it's pretension,
advancing to the stairs of heaven for secrets to unravel.

The angels weep and it now rains heavily upon the earth,
it's lifeforce questioning the very cause of this extreme hurt.
Exclaiming "Surely this is beyond the realms of painful words"
yet the screaming heart continues to complain of it's birth.

Even the moon seeks to weep upon it's partner; the sun,
It's support as two lovers that, in cycle, chase the other.
Exclaiming "what pain is that from which one cannot run?"
and it's partner shrugs as they seek solace in one another.

The realms of heaven quake upon reach of sounded screech,
the very clouds disperse as the ear of the archangel bleeds.
Flooding the rivers through the overflowing pools of dreams,
a broken heart is mourning and desires to find some peace.

Such endless pain that the devil himself seems to find sympathy,
and sincerely pities the soul that suffers so terribly in life.
His head bowed down in humility suppressing infinite infamy,
the devil upon a throne sheds a tear for a heart that will die.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

A Heart's Silent Scream

Save me from this torment of hell.
The devil is always searching
for victims with souls to sell.
The fire is always burning
and one day we shall finally melt.

This world is but vaguely temporary,
and each day becomes an empty memory.
We're trying to change our very fate
by battling against our own destinies
instead of accepting what is made.

The skies remain blue,
but born as an orange blaze.
It forces us to seek truth,
yet we are oblivious to the flame
as we waste our youth.

The rain comes by again,
healing our burning pain.
Yet the skies are dark,
and the light is feint
as it is in our hearts.

Stars imbued in the sky,
like diamonds in crowns
shining so elegantly bright.
The moon a crystal at night,
as radiant and so proud
like a lone hero or knight.

In the distance the wolves howl,
silence except the crickets chirp.
The end of the day is always found,
and  begins again with flight of the birds.

We can't hear our screeching hearts,
but they certainly can be very loud.
It's voice shakes the dancing stars,   
and dispels the universe in silent sound.

The very galaxies themselves also bleed
upon hearing of such a crying heart.
Torrential tears fall of broken dreams,
while quiet whispers fly through the
breaking constellation of dying stars.