Saturday, 9 July 2016

Your smile

Your smile is the very cure to my grief and sorrows,
it fills my soul with light and essence when it feels hollow.
Your eyes are like marbles of brown and ebony,
 It causes pen to design poems that succeed apollo.

Your flawless skin is something that many eye's desire,
your beauty is equalled by none; not even in heavenly attire.
You are of heaven descent roaming this earth veiled as human,
for a soul such as you is beyond all that heart will admire.

When fires torment the soul and burn it's core,
you are the ail, the soothing remedy that makes it pure.
The aurora lights could not be as elegant as you are,
nothing in this world could compare to such beauty so matured.

You are the life that every flower wants when it blooms,
you are the wish of every single man who wants to be a groom.
You are perfection in the most perfect form in this universe,
and you are the reason I smile in secret in my room.

There isn't a song or poem that could contain the right words,
nothing in this entire realm, universe and world.
 Every single angel and soul on this earth all praise your very birth,
Dear Nofa, you are the peace of my eyes in every universe.
You are the inspiration to each and every single verse.

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