Wednesday, 13 July 2016

We're Different

Let me just tell you a little story,
of how much she intended to hurt me.
I once thought what we had was glory,
but it's unbelievable how painful words be.

All she proved was that I was not worthy,
I wasn't her type, or her kinda guy.
I said baby I never said that I was perfect,
what has changed in those powerful eyes?

Then she just left without anything to say,
and I was left on my own wondering why.
All I had was the memories of those days,
it didn't matter if tears fell from my hurting eyes.

I won't give up though cause not everyone is like her,
everyone is different like the many droplets in rain.
Sometimes my heart wishes it could revive her,
but my love deserves someone who isn't the same.

I would never believe everyone is the same,
cause then there would never be real love.
That's why we have both happiness and pain,
sometimes it works and sometimes it's just lust.

If you get hurt, don't give up, just believe 
and don't  think that everyone else is the same. 
When you find the right one you'll find relief,
and also the ignition of a glorious new flame. 

We are all different in different ways with different hearts,
some stronger than others and some with more to give.
At the end of the day, we all look at the very same stars,
wether we go to sleep alone or to share a kiss.

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