Saturday, 30 July 2016


I feel like I'm drowning in these so many sorrows,
It's so dark now; will I be able to find tomorrow?
I'm finding it so hard to breathe when I'm feeling hollow,
trying to run so far away from the devils that follow.

Life is a climb and I don't think I can climb anymore,
the rope is burning my hands and they now feel sore.
I can't feel the strength in my arms to open a new door,
I want to give up and just go back to the way it was before.

I feel suffocated, under these burdens I am subjugated,
too many trials to face and tribulations cultivating.
The rhythm in my heart is now only fluctuating,
losing it's melody to darkness, the poetry is undulating.

Life isn't always dark and gloomy as stories tell,
there isn't just tribulations or a destination of hell.
There is purity to be found under the darkness,
and even love under all of the pain that we felt.

There is light that appears at the rise of the shining sun,
and one glance of it will cause us to forget why we run.
Hell isn't the only place to exist; there is a haven above,
Heaven we call it, the truest sanctity of blessings and love.

To find the good we must face and fight the bad,
No matter how hard it may be but tests are to be had.
It is to prove you are deserving of peace and bliss,
Of such a life to live that never again shall you be sad.

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