Monday, 25 July 2016


My voice has been heard by the masses of  people,
they have now recognised my crying words.
In a world where there is just so much wrong and evil,
they seem to want to hear about why I hurt.

In a world where voices are often dismissed,
or silenced to the people that want to remain blind.
Mine was heard and they see it as a blessing and gift,
with a belief that I possess a talented and powerful mind.

Arsha invited me to her station to talk about why,
to talk about what I do and what I wanted to do.
My answer wanted to be something that came from the skies,
but yet it was still the spoken truth; it was my truth.

It was an amazing feeling to finally be acknowledged,
to be recognised for something that remained passive.
Mya and Arsha had seen my abilities though I was without college,
and people now believe my words shall propagate through the planet.

I am so grateful for opportunities and chances like this,
to be able to share my work in such a fashion.
It's more than a dream come true; it's a granted wish,
to know that people now understand my greatest passion.

So I wanted to share through rhyming words a sincere thanks,
my genuine gratitude to Arsha and Mya for this wonderful chance.
This has made a big change in my growing life,
with hopes that my words shall make an impact that will last.

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