Monday, 4 July 2016

Pray For All

We live in such a horrible world,
wherein people are killed everyday.
Yet solidarity is selective in our words,
for which group of people should we pray.

It seems like your faith matters,
It seems like your race matters.
It doesn't matter if humanity is shattered,
If you're Muslim; you don't matter.

People dead in Orlando, pray for them,
people dead in Belgium, pray for them.
People dead in Paris, pray for them,
but when in Saudi, or Turkey and Dhaka,
they say don't even say Pray for them.

Is this what we are?
Monsters without hearts?
Is it only your people
that fly with the stars?

Terrorism has no religion,
and today is your proof.
Open your eyes and listen,
because this is the truth.

No matter who it is, if innocent people are killed,
we shall stand together for the blood that's been spilled.
Lets not forget and throw away the humanity inside us,
we need to unite against the hatred that has us divided and split.

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