Thursday, 7 July 2016

My Strength

I fell down so many times,
I lost everything in my mind.
I could no longer find my rhymes,
until your support became my guide.

I was once so lost and weak,
thoughts consumed me so
that I was to finally face my defeat.
The poetry in my heart,
the fire that was blazing,
the reason I could soar with the stars
has now lost all of it's heat.

You became my strength,
the reason I found my pen.
You became my best friend,
the reason my ink would last
and it's trail of rhymes had no end.

We fell in love and the entire world froze,
it was just me and you and our hearts.
But this love; it's only support was hope,
our distance was the distance between
the people of earth and the shining stars.

So I said, my beloved, let us enjoy
and share in the gift of our companionship.
Many things I kept hidden in silent voice,
feelings I couldn't express in words,
so I simply refused to ever again mention it.

Your support was the rope I held on to,
the very thing that kept me strong.
Remember, that those very same feelings
were the very same ones I felt too
and why I could sing those songs. 

Now you want to go, now you say good bye,
now you depart with  tears in your eyes.
Now you've gone and my heart wants to die,
along with the poetry it wanted to write.

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