Friday, 15 July 2016

I've loved you

It has actually been some time,
I've been admiring you from afar.
Your eternal and elegant beauty
is carved deeply into my heart
and painted so gracefully upon 
the white canvas of my mind.

Dancing with the stars,
my thoughts of worded rhymes.
Just wanting you to notice,
this small speck of light
in a room so covered in dark,
swift like a flame taking flight.

A rose in my right hand,
the pen still writing in my left.
I really wish you'd understand,
that even if you stayed in heaven
I would come and find you myself.

Yet you won't even look my way,
you are entranced by another guy.
I am invisible to you every single day,
loving you in silence with nothing
but a dream that one day you'll be mine.

If you could just hear this song,
the hollow words of an aching heart.
A pen fuelled by emotions so strong,
It caused a broken moon and crying stars. 

I love you more than I am worthy of you,
yet my heart still desires your kiss.
Beating in rhythm to conduct a truth,
In this life I lived, it is you that is my gift.

You are the melody I find in my dreams,
and the rose in my hand is for you.
Will you please finally take it from me,
and realise that how much I love you?

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