Sunday, 17 July 2016

He's Ugly

I'm tired of crying,
I'm tired of the tears.
Inside I am dying,
engulfed in all of my fears.

There's no escape,
there is no light.
There's no replay
to relive my life.

My heart is broken,
shattered and torn apart.
bleeding through wounds open
as light fades from the stars.

A soul with no hope,
a mind lost in it's realm.
I lost grip of the rope,
and now I've lost myself.

Everyone points fingers,
whispers in so many crowds.
"He's so ugly" and it lingers,
it's the most hurtful sound.

Growing up all alone,
no real friends through life.
I even have an empty phone,
and no one to catch
any of the tears in my eyes.

The mirror image turns away,
the devil laughs at my face.
"He's ugly" is all that they say,
I wish they could understand
how it feels to be in my place.

Their laughter is slowly killing me,
and there's no way to stop it.
I walk to a cliff's edge heart willingly,
ready to jump because I've simply lost it.

I will close my eyes,
before I soar into the wind.
Hoping as I land I will die,
so it no longer bothers me
what these cruel people think.

No one will miss me,
no one ever cared.
I had no one to listen,
nobody was there.
Nobody but me,
and my shadow, 
and even that
didn't fucking care.

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