Sunday, 31 July 2016

Day and Night (Co Written by Krystal M Fitch)

Dawn of a new born sun that shall shade us in blessed light,
an orange sky as if set ablaze by a torch lit fire.
And the world awakens, birds begin to take flight,
the sun is rising further to rest upon its throne so high.

Magnificence but the sky is yet to be painted blue,
and this is done as the sun touches its zenith.
It is an artist of it's own kind, so pure and so true,
an ambience is unveiled and upon completion we have all felt it.

Can we truly describe such beauty in so few words,
something so rare and priceless, can we find it's worth?
A simple glance can remedy all of the pain and the hurt,
all the misery that can be found in this dying world.

But then the bruising begins,
The sky grows hues of purple and blue
While the sun dances behind the mountains, So painful, so slow. 
As the moon takes over the sun's beautiful throne. 

Yet once the moon has rose
And the stars come to dance
The world as we know it,
Embodies a beauty like no other. 
For darkness is heavy and hard to bear,
The creation of life came out of the dark. 

The stars lit up in the purple sky, 
The constellations mingle like young folks in love.
The heavens are showing and we get to watch, 
As the moon brightens the darkened sky, with her magnificent valleys of stars.

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