Thursday, 21 July 2016

A Dead Love

Each tear has it's own story to tell,
of an aching pain, of a life of hell.
Silent nights when the fires blaze,
and we sit around it in a circle
ready to listen how he felt.

He begins with essence of dead loving heart,
beating a rhythm of desire for such prolonged time.
An unheard scream felt only by the whispering stars,
and imbued like gems in words of poetry and rhyme.

Thus becomes a song of affection and yearning,
while the angel he fell for has remained unaware.
A passion so strong that's kept the flame forever burning,
in words unspoken an oath he kept to always be there.

Forever oblivious she remains to his love so strong,
and death comes to take him now from this world.
His final few minutes yet requests a moment to write a song,
so that she may truly feel his affections in his words.

Death grants his wish as even he is sympathetic to his pain,
to his longing and eternal desire that he has since kept.
As he writes the last word, the spectre blows out the flame,
and extracts his soul gently as cleared promise of debt.

She finds the song on paper drenched in love and blood,
tears flow like streams from her eyes as her heart breaks.
How can she not have known of such lingering love,
but now it's too late to change the doomed lover's fate.

She drowns herself in tears in a corner engulfed by darkness,
questioning all she's done to be worthy of love like this.
She stares at her reflection with emptiness thinking she is heartless,
the tears continue leaking for in her heart is a wish.

Determined to be showered by his love, she finds a cliff's edge,
and she closes her eyes with whispers of promise and oath.
"Dear beloved, I am coming as I cannot bear this burden and regret,
I am coming to your arms as you always wished in your soul"

She takes one last breath and proceeds with suicidal step,
and now she is soaring from great heights to find death.
He is waiting at the bottom so that he may ease her regret,
so before she lands, he extracts her last loveless breath.

Her soul in the clouds now wandering without a guide,
searching with a crying heart for whom she had died.
He's by heavens gate with welcoming tears in his eyes,
and she runs towards him with love in her eyes.

Now finally in the warmth of each other's lonely arms,
claiming their love for one another with great heart.
He said, " my beloved, I would have kept you from all harm"
and her reply, " I know. It is now you can start from all that is dark."

Love is something that lingers even after death,
it shall unite those who lost themselves in life.
It is more than rhyming words sung with poetic breath,
it is a reason people continue to live and some want to die.

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