Sunday, 31 July 2016

Day and Night (Co Written by Krystal M Fitch)

Dawn of a new born sun that shall shade us in blessed light,
an orange sky as if set ablaze by a torch lit fire.
And the world awakens, birds begin to take flight,
the sun is rising further to rest upon its throne so high.

Magnificence but the sky is yet to be painted blue,
and this is done as the sun touches its zenith.
It is an artist of it's own kind, so pure and so true,
an ambience is unveiled and upon completion we have all felt it.

Can we truly describe such beauty in so few words,
something so rare and priceless, can we find it's worth?
A simple glance can remedy all of the pain and the hurt,
all the misery that can be found in this dying world.

But then the bruising begins,
The sky grows hues of purple and blue
While the sun dances behind the mountains, So painful, so slow. 
As the moon takes over the sun's beautiful throne. 

Yet once the moon has rose
And the stars come to dance
The world as we know it,
Embodies a beauty like no other. 
For darkness is heavy and hard to bear,
The creation of life came out of the dark. 

The stars lit up in the purple sky, 
The constellations mingle like young folks in love.
The heavens are showing and we get to watch, 
As the moon brightens the darkened sky, with her magnificent valleys of stars.

Saturday, 30 July 2016


I feel like I'm drowning in these so many sorrows,
It's so dark now; will I be able to find tomorrow?
I'm finding it so hard to breathe when I'm feeling hollow,
trying to run so far away from the devils that follow.

Life is a climb and I don't think I can climb anymore,
the rope is burning my hands and they now feel sore.
I can't feel the strength in my arms to open a new door,
I want to give up and just go back to the way it was before.

I feel suffocated, under these burdens I am subjugated,
too many trials to face and tribulations cultivating.
The rhythm in my heart is now only fluctuating,
losing it's melody to darkness, the poetry is undulating.

Life isn't always dark and gloomy as stories tell,
there isn't just tribulations or a destination of hell.
There is purity to be found under the darkness,
and even love under all of the pain that we felt.

There is light that appears at the rise of the shining sun,
and one glance of it will cause us to forget why we run.
Hell isn't the only place to exist; there is a haven above,
Heaven we call it, the truest sanctity of blessings and love.

To find the good we must face and fight the bad,
No matter how hard it may be but tests are to be had.
It is to prove you are deserving of peace and bliss,
Of such a life to live that never again shall you be sad.

Dear Katelynn

I have only smiled since you entered my life,
It's like my heart is alive again from death.
Your eyes are like sun and moon in the skies,
beauty blessing us from atop heavenly rest.

There is none other like you in this vast world,
even amongst the billions that continue to exist.
I'm not exaggerating in my rhyming sentences and words,
it is true that you are the definition of real bliss.

I am so fortunate to be able to call you my best friend,
 it is truly a wish granted that I have always sought.
I will continue to cite this poem till my breath's end,
You are a purity beyond the realm of one's thought.

It is no lie to say I love you till the last grain falls,
the hourglass of life continues as each day flies.
With your support in my life I can never again fall,
my beautiful best friend; the centre of my life.

Monday, 25 July 2016


My voice has been heard by the masses of  people,
they have now recognised my crying words.
In a world where there is just so much wrong and evil,
they seem to want to hear about why I hurt.

In a world where voices are often dismissed,
or silenced to the people that want to remain blind.
Mine was heard and they see it as a blessing and gift,
with a belief that I possess a talented and powerful mind.

Arsha invited me to her station to talk about why,
to talk about what I do and what I wanted to do.
My answer wanted to be something that came from the skies,
but yet it was still the spoken truth; it was my truth.

It was an amazing feeling to finally be acknowledged,
to be recognised for something that remained passive.
Mya and Arsha had seen my abilities though I was without college,
and people now believe my words shall propagate through the planet.

I am so grateful for opportunities and chances like this,
to be able to share my work in such a fashion.
It's more than a dream come true; it's a granted wish,
to know that people now understand my greatest passion.

So I wanted to share through rhyming words a sincere thanks,
my genuine gratitude to Arsha and Mya for this wonderful chance.
This has made a big change in my growing life,
with hopes that my words shall make an impact that will last.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

A Dead Love

Each tear has it's own story to tell,
of an aching pain, of a life of hell.
Silent nights when the fires blaze,
and we sit around it in a circle
ready to listen how he felt.

He begins with essence of dead loving heart,
beating a rhythm of desire for such prolonged time.
An unheard scream felt only by the whispering stars,
and imbued like gems in words of poetry and rhyme.

Thus becomes a song of affection and yearning,
while the angel he fell for has remained unaware.
A passion so strong that's kept the flame forever burning,
in words unspoken an oath he kept to always be there.

Forever oblivious she remains to his love so strong,
and death comes to take him now from this world.
His final few minutes yet requests a moment to write a song,
so that she may truly feel his affections in his words.

Death grants his wish as even he is sympathetic to his pain,
to his longing and eternal desire that he has since kept.
As he writes the last word, the spectre blows out the flame,
and extracts his soul gently as cleared promise of debt.

She finds the song on paper drenched in love and blood,
tears flow like streams from her eyes as her heart breaks.
How can she not have known of such lingering love,
but now it's too late to change the doomed lover's fate.

She drowns herself in tears in a corner engulfed by darkness,
questioning all she's done to be worthy of love like this.
She stares at her reflection with emptiness thinking she is heartless,
the tears continue leaking for in her heart is a wish.

Determined to be showered by his love, she finds a cliff's edge,
and she closes her eyes with whispers of promise and oath.
"Dear beloved, I am coming as I cannot bear this burden and regret,
I am coming to your arms as you always wished in your soul"

She takes one last breath and proceeds with suicidal step,
and now she is soaring from great heights to find death.
He is waiting at the bottom so that he may ease her regret,
so before she lands, he extracts her last loveless breath.

Her soul in the clouds now wandering without a guide,
searching with a crying heart for whom she had died.
He's by heavens gate with welcoming tears in his eyes,
and she runs towards him with love in her eyes.

Now finally in the warmth of each other's lonely arms,
claiming their love for one another with great heart.
He said, " my beloved, I would have kept you from all harm"
and her reply, " I know. It is now you can start from all that is dark."

Love is something that lingers even after death,
it shall unite those who lost themselves in life.
It is more than rhyming words sung with poetic breath,
it is a reason people continue to live and some want to die.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

He's Ugly

I'm tired of crying,
I'm tired of the tears.
Inside I am dying,
engulfed in all of my fears.

There's no escape,
there is no light.
There's no replay
to relive my life.

My heart is broken,
shattered and torn apart.
bleeding through wounds open
as light fades from the stars.

A soul with no hope,
a mind lost in it's realm.
I lost grip of the rope,
and now I've lost myself.

Everyone points fingers,
whispers in so many crowds.
"He's so ugly" and it lingers,
it's the most hurtful sound.

Growing up all alone,
no real friends through life.
I even have an empty phone,
and no one to catch
any of the tears in my eyes.

The mirror image turns away,
the devil laughs at my face.
"He's ugly" is all that they say,
I wish they could understand
how it feels to be in my place.

Their laughter is slowly killing me,
and there's no way to stop it.
I walk to a cliff's edge heart willingly,
ready to jump because I've simply lost it.

I will close my eyes,
before I soar into the wind.
Hoping as I land I will die,
so it no longer bothers me
what these cruel people think.

No one will miss me,
no one ever cared.
I had no one to listen,
nobody was there.
Nobody but me,
and my shadow, 
and even that
didn't fucking care.

Friday, 15 July 2016

I've loved you

It has actually been some time,
I've been admiring you from afar.
Your eternal and elegant beauty
is carved deeply into my heart
and painted so gracefully upon 
the white canvas of my mind.

Dancing with the stars,
my thoughts of worded rhymes.
Just wanting you to notice,
this small speck of light
in a room so covered in dark,
swift like a flame taking flight.

A rose in my right hand,
the pen still writing in my left.
I really wish you'd understand,
that even if you stayed in heaven
I would come and find you myself.

Yet you won't even look my way,
you are entranced by another guy.
I am invisible to you every single day,
loving you in silence with nothing
but a dream that one day you'll be mine.

If you could just hear this song,
the hollow words of an aching heart.
A pen fuelled by emotions so strong,
It caused a broken moon and crying stars. 

I love you more than I am worthy of you,
yet my heart still desires your kiss.
Beating in rhythm to conduct a truth,
In this life I lived, it is you that is my gift.

You are the melody I find in my dreams,
and the rose in my hand is for you.
Will you please finally take it from me,
and realise that how much I love you?

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

We're Different

Let me just tell you a little story,
of how much she intended to hurt me.
I once thought what we had was glory,
but it's unbelievable how painful words be.

All she proved was that I was not worthy,
I wasn't her type, or her kinda guy.
I said baby I never said that I was perfect,
what has changed in those powerful eyes?

Then she just left without anything to say,
and I was left on my own wondering why.
All I had was the memories of those days,
it didn't matter if tears fell from my hurting eyes.

I won't give up though cause not everyone is like her,
everyone is different like the many droplets in rain.
Sometimes my heart wishes it could revive her,
but my love deserves someone who isn't the same.

I would never believe everyone is the same,
cause then there would never be real love.
That's why we have both happiness and pain,
sometimes it works and sometimes it's just lust.

If you get hurt, don't give up, just believe 
and don't  think that everyone else is the same. 
When you find the right one you'll find relief,
and also the ignition of a glorious new flame. 

We are all different in different ways with different hearts,
some stronger than others and some with more to give.
At the end of the day, we all look at the very same stars,
wether we go to sleep alone or to share a kiss.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Simple Words

Pens glide across the empty lines,
scribbling words of some heavy rhyme.
thoughts are overflowing and spilling,
a heart is crying out of it's hurting mind.

Days have now become grey and cold,
colourless mornings for these lost souls.
We wander through this life aimlessly,
looking for the rope that we used to hold.

Hope is the very thing we strived on,
faith was also an article we survived on.
Now that we have nothing left to rely on,
we have lost all the things we thrived on.

A community that can't learn to love,
and we continue to remain divided.
So much pain, suffering and broken trust,
yet who is it that we can confide in?

We remain faithless, we remain faceless,
and everything seems to break us.
A disaster for those claimed as fate-less,
thinking they can change what makes us.

Poetry has now become but simple words,
for any to quote, sing and sullenly recite.
It no longer gives an essence to the world,
it is dead and can no longer be revived.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Your smile

Your smile is the very cure to my grief and sorrows,
it fills my soul with light and essence when it feels hollow.
Your eyes are like marbles of brown and ebony,
 It causes pen to design poems that succeed apollo.

Your flawless skin is something that many eye's desire,
your beauty is equalled by none; not even in heavenly attire.
You are of heaven descent roaming this earth veiled as human,
for a soul such as you is beyond all that heart will admire.

When fires torment the soul and burn it's core,
you are the ail, the soothing remedy that makes it pure.
The aurora lights could not be as elegant as you are,
nothing in this world could compare to such beauty so matured.

You are the life that every flower wants when it blooms,
you are the wish of every single man who wants to be a groom.
You are perfection in the most perfect form in this universe,
and you are the reason I smile in secret in my room.

There isn't a song or poem that could contain the right words,
nothing in this entire realm, universe and world.
 Every single angel and soul on this earth all praise your very birth,
Dear Nofa, you are the peace of my eyes in every universe.
You are the inspiration to each and every single verse.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

My Strength

I fell down so many times,
I lost everything in my mind.
I could no longer find my rhymes,
until your support became my guide.

I was once so lost and weak,
thoughts consumed me so
that I was to finally face my defeat.
The poetry in my heart,
the fire that was blazing,
the reason I could soar with the stars
has now lost all of it's heat.

You became my strength,
the reason I found my pen.
You became my best friend,
the reason my ink would last
and it's trail of rhymes had no end.

We fell in love and the entire world froze,
it was just me and you and our hearts.
But this love; it's only support was hope,
our distance was the distance between
the people of earth and the shining stars.

So I said, my beloved, let us enjoy
and share in the gift of our companionship.
Many things I kept hidden in silent voice,
feelings I couldn't express in words,
so I simply refused to ever again mention it.

Your support was the rope I held on to,
the very thing that kept me strong.
Remember, that those very same feelings
were the very same ones I felt too
and why I could sing those songs. 

Now you want to go, now you say good bye,
now you depart with  tears in your eyes.
Now you've gone and my heart wants to die,
along with the poetry it wanted to write.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Pray For All

We live in such a horrible world,
wherein people are killed everyday.
Yet solidarity is selective in our words,
for which group of people should we pray.

It seems like your faith matters,
It seems like your race matters.
It doesn't matter if humanity is shattered,
If you're Muslim; you don't matter.

People dead in Orlando, pray for them,
people dead in Belgium, pray for them.
People dead in Paris, pray for them,
but when in Saudi, or Turkey and Dhaka,
they say don't even say Pray for them.

Is this what we are?
Monsters without hearts?
Is it only your people
that fly with the stars?

Terrorism has no religion,
and today is your proof.
Open your eyes and listen,
because this is the truth.

No matter who it is, if innocent people are killed,
we shall stand together for the blood that's been spilled.
Lets not forget and throw away the humanity inside us,
we need to unite against the hatred that has us divided and split.

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Life Is A Canvas

When the sun sets,
at first sight of twilight,
our hope is lost
to the arms of death.

Yet it is again born
with the rising sun,
and the painted blue
finding gentle breaths.

Our world is a marble,
on the blanket of space
spread in the universe,
under heavenly grace.

Our hope dwindles
when the light fades.
But restored it is,
when the sun is ablaze.

Life is a canvas,
an unfinished art.
We are the brushes
gliding across it gently
guided by our hearts.

Our voices our song,
our thoughts our rhymes.
Our will keeps us strong,
our hearts spill and become
the very poems we write.