Saturday, 18 June 2016

Under The Moonlight

Under the moonlight in a world so very wide and vast,
air filled with love yet so fragile and dispensable like glass.
Two hearts are connecting as two hands gently meet,
It's only a moment yet it seems as if years have passed.

The stars above glare down in such great jealousy,
as they watch carefully while our beautiful love grows.
They wonder how one creates such picturesque memories,
like the very ones we create in images that our love shows.

Symphonies of galaxies sing these many stories,
of bliss and affection caught in the enthusiasm of seekers.
Narrating tales of tireless sacrifices and infinite glory,
The heartbeats in silence are as loud as speakers.

Shakespeare wrote of love in every line and rhyme,
yet the imagination was beyond the capacity of it's ink.
Love is a complex concept; an enigma like time,
like the many wonders we discover in what we think.

Under the moonlight is where cupid wants to lead us,
to fall in this fantasy called love and forever grasp our joy.
An ally in our war against shadows that want to defeat us,
Love is the greatest strength of our weakening voice.

As we fall in love,
under the moonlight,
it's just not enough,
for only a single glance
into your beautiful eyes...

A promise I have made,
to love you forever.
Under the moonlight,
we have found our fate
to always be together.

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