Thursday, 23 June 2016

It's been years..

It's been years now since I last got to look into your eyes,
and now you're soaring among the angels in the skies.
You didn't hesitate to tell me how you were feeling,
but when I realised mine; you were no longer in sight.

It's been years now and it still hurts as much as it first did,
regrets filled my life of never being able to share a kiss.
I wanted to chase you until the very ends of the earth,
but now; you only remain in my heart as my peace and bliss.

It's been years now and I still remember you as when we first met,
Hypnotic eyes and hair smooth like chocolate velvet.
Today you are a memory in both mind and in heart,
and no one can possibly understand the pain that I felt.

Without you; this world is nothing but hell,
and I live everyday just hating myself.
Trying to remember how my heart'd melt,
your absence hurts but I only blame myself.

I wish it was me that death had taken,
a hopeless soul with no potential in life.
Yet it stole away the life of an angel,
instead of the one who deserved to die.

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