Friday, 24 June 2016

A Rose Among Thorns

Life is like a garden, filled with growing and blooming bliss,
so many scents of paradise and many beautiful gifts.
A meadow of magic like the same when indulging in a kiss,
surrounded in such ambience is how we wish to live.

Travelling through life you shall encounter many thorns,
some that shall prick us like being pierced by horns.
Travelling through life, you shall encounter many storms,
some that shall last until the light of a rising dawn.

Sometimes we will be pushed down to our very knees.
and we will find ourselves drowned in our tears and our pleas.
Our hearts aching for some relief, to find some peace,
but the trials overwhelm us and sometimes shatter our beliefs.

Just remember; it's not all prickly thorns and poison ivy,
gardens also contain beauty beyond what our eyes see.
Life isn't always a conflict; a war you're always fighting.
you'll find peace when you turn and pray to the Almighty.

At the journey's end, thus comes the graceful rose,
a treasure, a reward for suffering in mind and soul.
A generous bounty for keeping ahold on the rope,
and never letting go; never refusing and never saying no.

This is the rose among thorns; an eternal happiness and joy,
love will become the ambience that you shall forever enjoy.
You'll find that you've always been strong with your voice,
but ye; alas, you've found your reward so you may rejoice.

Inspired by Jennifer

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