Tuesday, 7 June 2016

A Healing Hurt

Is it my destiny to be walked on like a rugged carpet?
Giving my heart to people who want to harm it.
Cornered by a shadow and I can hear everybody laughing,
It hurts like a knife wound but the pain remains like a carving.

I write how I feel in words a better reflection of me,
a stringed sentence of rhymes is like a projection of me.
When people read what I write; they truly see me; my heart,
and love me for those same things that are a part of me.

So how do people like to question who I am, my identity?
often through I have battled and fought even my destiny.
I kept chasing after so much that I thought was meant for me,
dreaming of such impossibilities sleeping to delightful melodies.

When the sun rises, there's our reason to keep our heads held high,
A sight so majestic that causes the birds to fly,
many eyes to cry; creating an arson in the newly born skies,
A sight so miraculous that heals the grief in our sighs.

Let's remember that feeling during the days that we live,
remember our purpose and that our very breath is a gift.
The magic in the embrace of a beloved and the moment in a kiss,
such everlasting harmony flying past heavenly bliss.

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