Friday, 24 June 2016

A Rose Among Thorns

Life is like a garden, filled with growing and blooming bliss,
so many scents of paradise and many beautiful gifts.
A meadow of magic like the same when indulging in a kiss,
surrounded in such ambience is how we wish to live.

Travelling through life you shall encounter many thorns,
some that shall prick us like being pierced by horns.
Travelling through life, you shall encounter many storms,
some that shall last until the light of a rising dawn.

Sometimes we will be pushed down to our very knees.
and we will find ourselves drowned in our tears and our pleas.
Our hearts aching for some relief, to find some peace,
but the trials overwhelm us and sometimes shatter our beliefs.

Just remember; it's not all prickly thorns and poison ivy,
gardens also contain beauty beyond what our eyes see.
Life isn't always a conflict; a war you're always fighting.
you'll find peace when you turn and pray to the Almighty.

At the journey's end, thus comes the graceful rose,
a treasure, a reward for suffering in mind and soul.
A generous bounty for keeping ahold on the rope,
and never letting go; never refusing and never saying no.

This is the rose among thorns; an eternal happiness and joy,
love will become the ambience that you shall forever enjoy.
You'll find that you've always been strong with your voice,
but ye; alas, you've found your reward so you may rejoice.

Inspired by Jennifer

Thursday, 23 June 2016

It's been years..

It's been years now since I last got to look into your eyes,
and now you're soaring among the angels in the skies.
You didn't hesitate to tell me how you were feeling,
but when I realised mine; you were no longer in sight.

It's been years now and it still hurts as much as it first did,
regrets filled my life of never being able to share a kiss.
I wanted to chase you until the very ends of the earth,
but now; you only remain in my heart as my peace and bliss.

It's been years now and I still remember you as when we first met,
Hypnotic eyes and hair smooth like chocolate velvet.
Today you are a memory in both mind and in heart,
and no one can possibly understand the pain that I felt.

Without you; this world is nothing but hell,
and I live everyday just hating myself.
Trying to remember how my heart'd melt,
your absence hurts but I only blame myself.

I wish it was me that death had taken,
a hopeless soul with no potential in life.
Yet it stole away the life of an angel,
instead of the one who deserved to die.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Under The Moonlight

Under the moonlight in a world so very wide and vast,
air filled with love yet so fragile and dispensable like glass.
Two hearts are connecting as two hands gently meet,
It's only a moment yet it seems as if years have passed.

The stars above glare down in such great jealousy,
as they watch carefully while our beautiful love grows.
They wonder how one creates such picturesque memories,
like the very ones we create in images that our love shows.

Symphonies of galaxies sing these many stories,
of bliss and affection caught in the enthusiasm of seekers.
Narrating tales of tireless sacrifices and infinite glory,
The heartbeats in silence are as loud as speakers.

Shakespeare wrote of love in every line and rhyme,
yet the imagination was beyond the capacity of it's ink.
Love is a complex concept; an enigma like time,
like the many wonders we discover in what we think.

Under the moonlight is where cupid wants to lead us,
to fall in this fantasy called love and forever grasp our joy.
An ally in our war against shadows that want to defeat us,
Love is the greatest strength of our weakening voice.

As we fall in love,
under the moonlight,
it's just not enough,
for only a single glance
into your beautiful eyes...

A promise I have made,
to love you forever.
Under the moonlight,
we have found our fate
to always be together.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

A Healing Hurt

Is it my destiny to be walked on like a rugged carpet?
Giving my heart to people who want to harm it.
Cornered by a shadow and I can hear everybody laughing,
It hurts like a knife wound but the pain remains like a carving.

I write how I feel in words a better reflection of me,
a stringed sentence of rhymes is like a projection of me.
When people read what I write; they truly see me; my heart,
and love me for those same things that are a part of me.

So how do people like to question who I am, my identity?
often through I have battled and fought even my destiny.
I kept chasing after so much that I thought was meant for me,
dreaming of such impossibilities sleeping to delightful melodies.

When the sun rises, there's our reason to keep our heads held high,
A sight so majestic that causes the birds to fly,
many eyes to cry; creating an arson in the newly born skies,
A sight so miraculous that heals the grief in our sighs.

Let's remember that feeling during the days that we live,
remember our purpose and that our very breath is a gift.
The magic in the embrace of a beloved and the moment in a kiss,
such everlasting harmony flying past heavenly bliss.