Saturday, 7 May 2016


Your words are poison to my ears,
you've become everything that I feared.
You don't give a fuck to be honest,
even if my eyes bled instead of leaking tears.

I gave you my whole heart,
and I thought you'd cherish it so.
I thought it was with yours; with the stars,
but it seems that I never heard you say No.

Yet still you decided to keep it,
and you kept on playing your games.
It didn't matter how much I was bleeding,
it caused you joy to see me in so much pain.

Even a snake would not hiss as much,
nor would the devil torture so.
How did I ever feel sincerity in your touch,
when you clearly have the devil's soul.

I loved you but I don't know what you felt,
a fake emotion you invented to abuse.
It was your very eyes that made me melt,
but that was before I knew the truth.

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