Saturday, 7 May 2016

Kyra's Song

Your eyes pierce through to the centre of glowing souls,
Igniting a flame that would blaze forever in stories told.
Your beauty descending from skies so blue in summer,
and shades of gold shadowing the earth like a blooming rose.

Your heart so cherished; so pure like polished diamond,
yet crimson it is; it's beauty rivals none in angels silence.
Nothing exists that your grace has not yet enlightened,
nor the words to justify the very same world that you have brightened.

Your voice is a melody that could put anyone to sleep,
and a smile they rest with would live on in their slumber's dreams.
You are the reason that our lives today shall find some peace,
and also a reason that my broken heart has found a piece. 

You are an angel walking on this earth in a veil,
and with just passing us by you refreshen hearts that have gone stale.
Your beauty is one that the very stars are jealous of,
and the moon itself will bow down with a face so humble and pale.

Yet so, words so little recorded by my pen isn't enough,
nor stories told by bards of the greatest talents.
For desire of one sight of your eyes defines our love,
and a beauty as yours; there is only you on our planet.


Your words are poison to my ears,
you've become everything that I feared.
You don't give a fuck to be honest,
even if my eyes bled instead of leaking tears.

I gave you my whole heart,
and I thought you'd cherish it so.
I thought it was with yours; with the stars,
but it seems that I never heard you say No.

Yet still you decided to keep it,
and you kept on playing your games.
It didn't matter how much I was bleeding,
it caused you joy to see me in so much pain.

Even a snake would not hiss as much,
nor would the devil torture so.
How did I ever feel sincerity in your touch,
when you clearly have the devil's soul.

I loved you but I don't know what you felt,
a fake emotion you invented to abuse.
It was your very eyes that made me melt,
but that was before I knew the truth.