Thursday, 7 April 2016

Without Intending So

You stole my every glance,
your eyes so pure and cherished.
You make my heart dance,
in a waltz that would never perish.

And now there's not a single thought,
in which you are not carved within.
I have never once felt this way before,
this is a new reason to keep on living.

You are upon my every passing breath,
every sigh, gasp and word I could say.
You are a memory forever in my head,
and it seems to be so every single day.

One sight of you leaves heart so satisfied,
your beauty causes many to be paralysed.
And if there truly is a heaven on earth,
then surely wherever you are is paradise.

You are a thief without even intending so,
you've unknowingly taken away my heart.
And now I love you without intending so,
another song for the dance of the stars.

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