Friday, 8 April 2016

So many words

So many words left unsaid,
so many thoughts in my head.
So many whispers escaping my breath,
Is it simply easier to live or to find death?

I just let myself watch you walk away,
what would happen if I had another day?
could I say the right things for you to stay?
or would I fail again like I do every day?

I don't have your love liked I used to,
you're not here in my arms anymore.
And expect what if i told you the truth too?
you would not believe any of my thoughts.

All I could barely do was just to let you leave,
and destroy everything that made us strong.
The moments and memories we shared and even our dreams,
all gone; this pain could not be sung in a hundred songs.

 Today it seems cupid cries for he too was wrong,
the arrow he shot seems to have broken and failed.
In a moment we fell in love; but in a moment it's all gone,
a bond that we built for so long; on a river of hope we sailed.

I wonder where you are today and how you are,
staring at my last message to you; that last kiss emoji.
Hesitating to text you wondering if you'd reply; it's dark;
I'm lost without you, I'm lost without all of that on which we were holding.
I'm broken. 

Please come back and fix this,
fix me,
no strength in the world could lift this,
kiss me.
I miss the touch of your embrace,
I miss the sight of your smile.
Today, I only have your memory,
and now I can never be saved.

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