Thursday, 14 April 2016

Painted Skies

Dawn of the sun painting the skies orange across horizons,
the world is waking up in an ambience so enlivened.
A blissful blue is the wide sight of our tired eyes,
and gentle clouds that float by; graceful in it's glide.

A quill dipped in ink could not conjure such beauty with words,
there is so much we fail to understand of this   mysterious world.
Questions rise in minds upon sight of a flying bird,
what is our purpose, what is this universe?

The rhythm of songs fill our ears with sounds to be heard,
desired by our very hearts as we find solace in each and every word.
This constant seeking to find a place in this world is an unquenchable thirst,
days pass us by and we still wish that time could be reversed.

And what becomes of us when we fall in love with another,
when our hearts become intertwined with fates of others?
A tale and story when strangers become friends then lovers,
yet if the love is mismatched; the couple will only suffer.

A strange world this truly is yet there is so much to find,
a cosmos so vast still expanding too much to think of for our minds.
Ponder upon the nursery rhyme; of how stars are like diamonds in the sky,
up above the world so high, shining so bright in the night.

And even as the sun sets; there's that magnificence again,
It is as if the skies are on fire and burns a crimson orange paint
A cycle of day and night; and the moon thus rises,
a sight so radiant and pure yet considered plain to the sun in day.


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