Thursday, 7 April 2016

My Weak Heart

my heart was always weak,
and today it is shattered.
It was love that it'd seek,
but now it no longer matters.

my heart would always sing,
melodies of a dream so big.
To find a queen for this king,
it could humble everything
that I could ever possibly think.

my heart would always dance,
a waltz with it's own shadow.
It's beat a rhythm to always last,
once contained in it's walls,
so small, so caged and narrow.

An instrument for it's bleeding love,
leaking from every orifice and gate.
Flowing too; a poem of proceeding lust,
like two doves soaring upon a path of fate.

And now my heart has been broken,
and it will never be the same again.
But memories exist; every single moment,
and to remember again is further pain.

A once ignited flame that eternally blazed,
extinguished by the rain of misery.
A story that ended and now it is too late,
everything that we had is now history.

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