Saturday, 9 April 2016

Loved and Lost

I received a letter with her hand writing,
It was sweet of fragrance so enlightening.
With a whole heart I felt my nerves taking me,
but I opened the letter and I found something that took the life of me:

"I love you and every raw piece of skin on your body. I love you and every unspoken word that you've ever thought, and every inch of flesh that is yours. My love for you is as indefinite as the sea, and as vast as the galaxies which we know so little of. My love for you continues to grow just as the roots of a tree grow beneath the soil. 

I bask in the warmth of your skin, and drown in the presence of your voice. Your laugh is the harmonious sound of joy that makes my skin tingle. The idea of you makes my insides warm, and full of love. You're the constant thoughts that circulate my mind, and in every dream I have, I hope to see you.

You are the comfort to my pain, and the brightness to my life. I am a fool for you, and I've fallen in a deep hole of endless love for you."

So I had to reply, and I asked my soul
how or why?
but I knew I had to try; no matter how much I cried.
Inside I knew I would die but I lifted my pen and gasped a sigh:

"Know that I loved you with every single part of me,
but we're not meant to be and maybe that's hard to see.
You were the beat in my heart and the blood pumping in my arteries,
a magic like how we danced a waltz under the moon in perfect harmony.

The hardest things even if you ignore it sometimes can't be seen,
but doubt had caught up to me and I was in this half heartedly.
I loved you so but now it's just way too dark to see,
but just know, my beloved, that you'll always be a part of me.

This can't be; it's not our story or our destiny,
the moments we've shared shall only remain as memories.
It's not meant to be; I no longer feel the chemistry,
my love was real and pure until cupid changed what was best for me.

My beloved, let it be.
This world was never ours to share.
My beloved, let it be.
Life isn't fair but I shall always care.
My beloved let it be."

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