Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Life and Love

The sun and moon are lovers in day and night,
one chasing the other through the blue and black skies.
Pens running across lines of papers in melodic rhymes,
and the sight of the world; a beauty for our eyes.

Birds singing in the ambience of an orange dawn,
the quiet ocean in a beautiful scene as the sun is born.
We can find bliss in everything; even in the worst of storms,
and yet even in sweet flowers you will find prickly thorns.

Roses are a crimson beauty sewn by those who seek love,
a symbolic meaning found like between a dance of the doves.
Yet this is a world wherein we still mistake love for lust,
and deception is common breaking many hearts and trust.

The stars dance in harmony when two souls find their destiny,
and their worlds are beautified as they create their memories.
And sometimes people fight to make something meant to be,
while others let it be if it's not carved within their chemistries.

Our hearts sing their own melodies in a rhythm of beats,
our minds forever dreaming an image of eternal peace.
Our souls intertwined in the war of the two that disagree,
but eventually; an aura of bliss will embrace us like the breeze.

But eventually the sun will set and the moon will rise,
both alone again, in solitude, shining in the seven skies.
And when the moon finds slumber the sun shall be bright,
but it will miss it's lover and once again chase the night.


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