Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Life and Love

The sun and moon are lovers in day and night,
one chasing the other through the blue and black skies.
Pens running across lines of papers in melodic rhymes,
and the sight of the world; a beauty for our eyes.

Birds singing in the ambience of an orange dawn,
the quiet ocean in a beautiful scene as the sun is born.
We can find bliss in everything; even in the worst of storms,
and yet even in sweet flowers you will find prickly thorns.

Roses are a crimson beauty sewn by those who seek love,
a symbolic meaning found like between a dance of the doves.
Yet this is a world wherein we still mistake love for lust,
and deception is common breaking many hearts and trust.

The stars dance in harmony when two souls find their destiny,
and their worlds are beautified as they create their memories.
And sometimes people fight to make something meant to be,
while others let it be if it's not carved within their chemistries.

Our hearts sing their own melodies in a rhythm of beats,
our minds forever dreaming an image of eternal peace.
Our souls intertwined in the war of the two that disagree,
but eventually; an aura of bliss will embrace us like the breeze.

But eventually the sun will set and the moon will rise,
both alone again, in solitude, shining in the seven skies.
And when the moon finds slumber the sun shall be bright,
but it will miss it's lover and once again chase the night.


Thursday, 14 April 2016

Painted Skies

Dawn of the sun painting the skies orange across horizons,
the world is waking up in an ambience so enlivened.
A blissful blue is the wide sight of our tired eyes,
and gentle clouds that float by; graceful in it's glide.

A quill dipped in ink could not conjure such beauty with words,
there is so much we fail to understand of this   mysterious world.
Questions rise in minds upon sight of a flying bird,
what is our purpose, what is this universe?

The rhythm of songs fill our ears with sounds to be heard,
desired by our very hearts as we find solace in each and every word.
This constant seeking to find a place in this world is an unquenchable thirst,
days pass us by and we still wish that time could be reversed.

And what becomes of us when we fall in love with another,
when our hearts become intertwined with fates of others?
A tale and story when strangers become friends then lovers,
yet if the love is mismatched; the couple will only suffer.

A strange world this truly is yet there is so much to find,
a cosmos so vast still expanding too much to think of for our minds.
Ponder upon the nursery rhyme; of how stars are like diamonds in the sky,
up above the world so high, shining so bright in the night.

And even as the sun sets; there's that magnificence again,
It is as if the skies are on fire and burns a crimson orange paint
A cycle of day and night; and the moon thus rises,
a sight so radiant and pure yet considered plain to the sun in day.


Saturday, 9 April 2016

Loved and Lost

I received a letter with her hand writing,
It was sweet of fragrance so enlightening.
With a whole heart I felt my nerves taking me,
but I opened the letter and I found something that took the life of me:

"I love you and every raw piece of skin on your body. I love you and every unspoken word that you've ever thought, and every inch of flesh that is yours. My love for you is as indefinite as the sea, and as vast as the galaxies which we know so little of. My love for you continues to grow just as the roots of a tree grow beneath the soil. 

I bask in the warmth of your skin, and drown in the presence of your voice. Your laugh is the harmonious sound of joy that makes my skin tingle. The idea of you makes my insides warm, and full of love. You're the constant thoughts that circulate my mind, and in every dream I have, I hope to see you.

You are the comfort to my pain, and the brightness to my life. I am a fool for you, and I've fallen in a deep hole of endless love for you."

So I had to reply, and I asked my soul
how or why?
but I knew I had to try; no matter how much I cried.
Inside I knew I would die but I lifted my pen and gasped a sigh:

"Know that I loved you with every single part of me,
but we're not meant to be and maybe that's hard to see.
You were the beat in my heart and the blood pumping in my arteries,
a magic like how we danced a waltz under the moon in perfect harmony.

The hardest things even if you ignore it sometimes can't be seen,
but doubt had caught up to me and I was in this half heartedly.
I loved you so but now it's just way too dark to see,
but just know, my beloved, that you'll always be a part of me.

This can't be; it's not our story or our destiny,
the moments we've shared shall only remain as memories.
It's not meant to be; I no longer feel the chemistry,
my love was real and pure until cupid changed what was best for me.

My beloved, let it be.
This world was never ours to share.
My beloved, let it be.
Life isn't fair but I shall always care.
My beloved let it be."

Friday, 8 April 2016

So many words

So many words left unsaid,
so many thoughts in my head.
So many whispers escaping my breath,
Is it simply easier to live or to find death?

I just let myself watch you walk away,
what would happen if I had another day?
could I say the right things for you to stay?
or would I fail again like I do every day?

I don't have your love liked I used to,
you're not here in my arms anymore.
And expect what if i told you the truth too?
you would not believe any of my thoughts.

All I could barely do was just to let you leave,
and destroy everything that made us strong.
The moments and memories we shared and even our dreams,
all gone; this pain could not be sung in a hundred songs.

 Today it seems cupid cries for he too was wrong,
the arrow he shot seems to have broken and failed.
In a moment we fell in love; but in a moment it's all gone,
a bond that we built for so long; on a river of hope we sailed.

I wonder where you are today and how you are,
staring at my last message to you; that last kiss emoji.
Hesitating to text you wondering if you'd reply; it's dark;
I'm lost without you, I'm lost without all of that on which we were holding.
I'm broken. 

Please come back and fix this,
fix me,
no strength in the world could lift this,
kiss me.
I miss the touch of your embrace,
I miss the sight of your smile.
Today, I only have your memory,
and now I can never be saved.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Without Intending So

You stole my every glance,
your eyes so pure and cherished.
You make my heart dance,
in a waltz that would never perish.

And now there's not a single thought,
in which you are not carved within.
I have never once felt this way before,
this is a new reason to keep on living.

You are upon my every passing breath,
every sigh, gasp and word I could say.
You are a memory forever in my head,
and it seems to be so every single day.

One sight of you leaves heart so satisfied,
your beauty causes many to be paralysed.
And if there truly is a heaven on earth,
then surely wherever you are is paradise.

You are a thief without even intending so,
you've unknowingly taken away my heart.
And now I love you without intending so,
another song for the dance of the stars.

My Weak Heart

my heart was always weak,
and today it is shattered.
It was love that it'd seek,
but now it no longer matters.

my heart would always sing,
melodies of a dream so big.
To find a queen for this king,
it could humble everything
that I could ever possibly think.

my heart would always dance,
a waltz with it's own shadow.
It's beat a rhythm to always last,
once contained in it's walls,
so small, so caged and narrow.

An instrument for it's bleeding love,
leaking from every orifice and gate.
Flowing too; a poem of proceeding lust,
like two doves soaring upon a path of fate.

And now my heart has been broken,
and it will never be the same again.
But memories exist; every single moment,
and to remember again is further pain.

A once ignited flame that eternally blazed,
extinguished by the rain of misery.
A story that ended and now it is too late,
everything that we had is now history.

Monday, 4 April 2016

A Palestinian's Poem

Empty shells lie scattered across our lands,
streams of crimson flow alongside the corpses that lay.
We are being slaughtered for reasons we do not understand,
and now we're worried that we'll be killed for wanting to pray.

Their soldiers invade our country and shoot without cause,
and they enjoy slaughtering children and mothers.
They thrive on flowing blood as they bring their relentless wars,
as they fire more of their Palestinian killing bullets into my sisters and brothers.

Our screams are loud but the world remains deaf,
our blood is everywhere but the world will remain blind.
They've put a veil up on the cameras so as to hide our deaths,
and get away with all of their plots and schemes they're behind.

They control the media so they control the people's minds,
everyone is too ignorant to use their own brains
and realise the truth and unravel every single one of their lies.
They give no value to our lives as we are slaughtered day and night,
for simply living on land that does not belong to them.

Hear my cries, see my tears; feel my pain,
I write this with a bullet stuck in my leg.
Please open your eyes and see the same,
you will see nothing but blood and death.

This is the poem of a Palestinian before he died,
and we are still blind to their pleas and plight.
For how long shall we turn away from a terrible truth,
How would we feel when we look at the place where their bodies lie? 

Sunday, 3 April 2016

my smile

what do you know 
about the smile on my face?
what do you know
about the things that I've faced?

what do you know 
about those haunting memories?
the ones that never leave and go
and stay in mind like a carved melody?

what do you know about
the reasons I fake my joy?
what do you know about
the very silence of my voice?

what do you know about
the days on which I struggle?
When life beats me to my knees,
and yet I still try my hardest 
to fight away all of my troubles.

what do you know about
how much I have bled?
or how much I have cried?
what do you know about
those tears that have been shed
after so many relentless nights?

You don't know. You don't know.
You sit there and judge what you see.
Life is a game to you but you don't know,
you've no idea of what life's thrown at me.

You can see a smile on my face so you think it's okay,
but truth is my smile is faker than your concern.
And you think it's okay to say the things that cause pain,
cause maybe you still haven't lived enough; you haven't learnt.