Sunday, 27 March 2016

Ugly Society

Sometimes I would just sit and think,
about the things that cause me to.
Why is it that out of all of the things,
It's always the same; it's my solitude.

Everyday I look at my reflection,
and understand why people reject me.
They can't see my heart; just my defections,
 I guess that's why they don't respect me.

When you are as unattractive as somebody like me,
a golden heart or pure personality will never matter.
When you are simply as ugly as somebody like me,
nothing you do for somebody could ever possibly matter.

The reality is love isn't for every single soul to find,
those of us who are always rejected never will.
It's better for everybody that love just stays blind,
because constant rejection just makes us want to be killed.

No body wants to look beyond the tears that we cry,
because no body even cares to look at us a second time.
Is it me that's ugly or is it society that is ugly and labels me so,
every day I sigh a thousand sighs because I'm tired of life.

Will somebody ever see me for who I am?
Will people ever stop lying and pretending
that they don't care about looks,
when in reality it's all they care about
to stay in society's good books.

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