Wednesday, 2 March 2016

The Song We Live

Life is a song,
we all wanna sing it.
But we're scared of 
getting it so wrong,
afraid of those
thoughts that we're thinking.

Afraid that we won't,
be able to hit
all of the notes.
Afraid that we can't
make it sound 
as good as we'd hope.

Our heart the instrumental 
beating in a rhythm,
so perfectly in a beat,
we just need to listen
and simply look
for the centre of peace.

Trying to control
our vocals like our feelings.
The music is in our soul,
and also helps us
to keep on breathing.

It's not easy to write
words to fit as lyrics.
We need to close our eyes,
and record our very spirits.
The magic during the night,
also found during morning light,
you'll find that we live it.

Sometimes we find
everything when we sleep.
In day we can be blind,
but open our eyes in our dreams.
Just close your eyes,
and find the beat,
and your song 
will be exactly as you dreamed.

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