Sunday, 27 March 2016

My Lobster

In every moment, a thought so sweet,
a heart ever hoping to once again dream.
Your beauty is carved in to my memories,
I wonder if you might think the same of me.

You paint the skies as if canvas to your grace,
touching the stars and causing them to shine as they do.
You are the ignited fire that will forever continue to blaze,
as you have ignited something in my heart to become my truth.

You give rainbows their colour; you give the moon it's glow,
you give the heavens it's aura; you give the sun it's majesty.
You cause the rivers and streams to travel and flow,
and beautify everything you touch as you pass and defy gravity.

You cause my heart to flutter and move from place,
It dances to rhythms unknown; it's beat a new melody.
you cause my heart to run like an athlete and wait in pace,
and it is ready to fight against all odds and even destiny.

If I could sing, I would sing like Joe Jonas and sweep you away,
I'd sing all those songs that would win your heart every day.
Songs that could replace all of the things that I struggle to say,
like now, I'm losing words and mumbling on and away. 

Like Phoebe said once; you are my lobster and you are destiny.
and you are meant for me as we are two pieces of a jigsaw.
We fit perfectly together and always will even in memories,
this is meant to be; it's chemistry and you sound like my melody.

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