Thursday, 3 March 2016

My Tears Cry

It hurts so much
that even my tears cry.
Never feeling your touch,
Twas hope that used to 
make all of my fears fly.

Heaven is in your arms,
a garden I'll never reach.
I promised you no harm,
was it all but a dream?

My tears even cry,
for a story with no ending.
A tale where the hero dies,
before the pages even ended.

I can't find you anymore,
you were in my heart.
You were still there,
I could have sworn,
maybe it's just too dark.

My eyes are blind,
there is no light.
Doubts seem to cover
every corner of my mind.

A smokeless fire,
a cloudless sky.
A dying desire,
a soundless sigh.

may death take me
for I've lost all will.
and even if breath saves me,
I will still have
so many dreams unfulfilled.

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