Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Love Today

Love is but a commodity thrown around as if of little worth,
Souls no longer cherish the meaning found when it's caught.
Today love seems to be no more than a few undefined words,
those that are said without a first or hesitant thought.

Love isn't the same sweet bliss that we would seek,
it's now just the initial attraction between a pair.
No longer do couples gauge in poetry of the dreams to find peace,
It is but with a few text messages they claim a love to be fair.

It used to be that writing a sonnet of love would diminish ink,
and the pen itself would grow tired of the written words.
Songs, melodies and poems that would provoke one to think,
that there is a beauty to be found beyond this universe and world.

Love is nothing but an undefined word used by unaffectionate teens,
those who have yet to feel the real sting of cupid's arrow.
Those who live a life without action yet ambitiously dream,
and follow their shadow instead of being followed by a shadow.

Shakespeare turns in his grave at the sight of what we call love,
a cluster of misguided youth who are just so confused.
Hearts astray and making lust love and love lust,
and with every moon that rises we are farther away from the truth. 

One day we may learn what love truly is within our hearts,
emotions that could cause the very earth to stand still.
A passion that would reach to the centre of the stars,
where everything comes into place like a planned will. 

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