Tuesday, 8 March 2016

International Women's Day

It was always about who was superior,
a battle of the genders; woman or man.
The reality is no one is better or inferior,
and that was always one of God's plans.

For mankind to learn how to love each other,
instead of racing to the line of dominance.
Men and women both must rely on another,
only then will mankind find it's prominence.

They say Eve was created from a rib of Adam,
this means that women will always be a necessity for man.
And they are the ones who bare the seeds when we plant them,
for without them; we would have nothing but an empty planet,
filled with just oceans of water and deserted lands.

Today is a day we finally show some gratitude to our ladies,
that we appreciate their worth and that they are our worlds.
We've realised we would never progress without them so just maybe,
they may forgive us if we instil truth in our sweet words.

Dear women of the world; every day is international women's day,
today is just the birth and beginning for love you deserve.
These are only the first few words that we wanted to say,
and this appreciation we show shall always be preserved.

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