Monday, 21 March 2016


You were nothing but a lie,
a waste of my time.
I wasted my sighs,
there's tears in my eyes.
I gave you a chance,
no I gave you two.
yet you still decided to
break me in two.

What was this time,
that we spent together
gazing at the moon?
Memories in my mind,
lasting always and forever
blazing with the fumes.

I held you to heart,
you were always
my light in the dark.
You're beauty 
far more than that
of the very stars.

You made me smile
when I thought
it was diminished.
And you'd make me laugh
and still say
that you hadn't yet finished.

Where are you now,
where are you today?
Not a sight or sound,
or those gentle words to say.
You decided to just leave,
without a good enough reason.
you broke my little bit of peace
and just changed like the seasons.

Everyone was right,
you are an arrogant bitch.
And today I finally write,
about the person
who took away my bliss.

I forgave you thrice,
chances I kept on giving.
I saw only love in my eyes,
and thought it was the reason
that I kept on living.

But you are after all,
just a bitch that you are.
the same in light and dark,
with no soul and no heart,
among the devils
you're probably worst of all.

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