Sunday, 6 March 2016

A Mother's Prayer

Cradled in her arms as I was born,
"you are my angel" she said,
crying through the storm.

I was new to this world,
prayers I heard,
In her sweet words,
cherishing me,
as I sounded a burp.

This is my only memory,
of when I was born.
Of when she set me free,
to be my own master and lord.

Years later I'm now fully grown,
and I cherish her 
as she had cared for me.
And I shall always be there
as through the years
she was always there for me.

I always heard her whisper words,
and when I was but a child,
I didn't understand what I heard,
not for years; not for a good while.

They were prayers. 
Asking for my health and safety,
her love was a blessing,
It goes without saying,
even now I miss the way 
she had embraced me.

Cradled in her arms even today,
"You are my angel" she still says,
gentle tears that flow,
and with the wind they fly away.

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