Sunday, 27 March 2016

Ugly Society

Sometimes I would just sit and think,
about the things that cause me to.
Why is it that out of all of the things,
It's always the same; it's my solitude.

Everyday I look at my reflection,
and understand why people reject me.
They can't see my heart; just my defections,
 I guess that's why they don't respect me.

When you are as unattractive as somebody like me,
a golden heart or pure personality will never matter.
When you are simply as ugly as somebody like me,
nothing you do for somebody could ever possibly matter.

The reality is love isn't for every single soul to find,
those of us who are always rejected never will.
It's better for everybody that love just stays blind,
because constant rejection just makes us want to be killed.

No body wants to look beyond the tears that we cry,
because no body even cares to look at us a second time.
Is it me that's ugly or is it society that is ugly and labels me so,
every day I sigh a thousand sighs because I'm tired of life.

Will somebody ever see me for who I am?
Will people ever stop lying and pretending
that they don't care about looks,
when in reality it's all they care about
to stay in society's good books.

My Lobster

In every moment, a thought so sweet,
a heart ever hoping to once again dream.
Your beauty is carved in to my memories,
I wonder if you might think the same of me.

You paint the skies as if canvas to your grace,
touching the stars and causing them to shine as they do.
You are the ignited fire that will forever continue to blaze,
as you have ignited something in my heart to become my truth.

You give rainbows their colour; you give the moon it's glow,
you give the heavens it's aura; you give the sun it's majesty.
You cause the rivers and streams to travel and flow,
and beautify everything you touch as you pass and defy gravity.

You cause my heart to flutter and move from place,
It dances to rhythms unknown; it's beat a new melody.
you cause my heart to run like an athlete and wait in pace,
and it is ready to fight against all odds and even destiny.

If I could sing, I would sing like Joe Jonas and sweep you away,
I'd sing all those songs that would win your heart every day.
Songs that could replace all of the things that I struggle to say,
like now, I'm losing words and mumbling on and away. 

Like Phoebe said once; you are my lobster and you are destiny.
and you are meant for me as we are two pieces of a jigsaw.
We fit perfectly together and always will even in memories,
this is meant to be; it's chemistry and you sound like my melody.

How did I love you?

What stories can our lonely broken hearts tell,
of a life lived considered so dark and treacherous even in hell.
Of tears and of sacrifices; of so many that fell,
and the devil looking for one with a soul to sell.

I gave you what I thought to be my entire world,
but it wasn't enough; you desired and wanted even more.
You felt hurt and unloved when I would write a poem of loving words,
because it wasn't valued by you compared to the life you sought.

I didn't know what I could possibly do just to find your smile,
what you wanted was something that I had not had.
Thinking you loved me for who I was and not with the thoughts in your mind,
am I slowing being pushed away with the others and back into your past?

This wasn't love if I was the only one who was in love,
but even now I don't know who I was in love with.
Some say it was just a fantasy; simply an overwhelming lust,
that is often mistaken for love and also considered a gift.

I guess what we had in the end was nothing to be honest,
yet I still pass a thought of you every moment and now.
You were so beautiful; but you knew that and weren't modest,
and today I question those very feelings I had; how?

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Love Today

Love is but a commodity thrown around as if of little worth,
Souls no longer cherish the meaning found when it's caught.
Today love seems to be no more than a few undefined words,
those that are said without a first or hesitant thought.

Love isn't the same sweet bliss that we would seek,
it's now just the initial attraction between a pair.
No longer do couples gauge in poetry of the dreams to find peace,
It is but with a few text messages they claim a love to be fair.

It used to be that writing a sonnet of love would diminish ink,
and the pen itself would grow tired of the written words.
Songs, melodies and poems that would provoke one to think,
that there is a beauty to be found beyond this universe and world.

Love is nothing but an undefined word used by unaffectionate teens,
those who have yet to feel the real sting of cupid's arrow.
Those who live a life without action yet ambitiously dream,
and follow their shadow instead of being followed by a shadow.

Shakespeare turns in his grave at the sight of what we call love,
a cluster of misguided youth who are just so confused.
Hearts astray and making lust love and love lust,
and with every moon that rises we are farther away from the truth. 

One day we may learn what love truly is within our hearts,
emotions that could cause the very earth to stand still.
A passion that would reach to the centre of the stars,
where everything comes into place like a planned will. 

Monday, 21 March 2016


You were nothing but a lie,
a waste of my time.
I wasted my sighs,
there's tears in my eyes.
I gave you a chance,
no I gave you two.
yet you still decided to
break me in two.

What was this time,
that we spent together
gazing at the moon?
Memories in my mind,
lasting always and forever
blazing with the fumes.

I held you to heart,
you were always
my light in the dark.
You're beauty 
far more than that
of the very stars.

You made me smile
when I thought
it was diminished.
And you'd make me laugh
and still say
that you hadn't yet finished.

Where are you now,
where are you today?
Not a sight or sound,
or those gentle words to say.
You decided to just leave,
without a good enough reason.
you broke my little bit of peace
and just changed like the seasons.

Everyone was right,
you are an arrogant bitch.
And today I finally write,
about the person
who took away my bliss.

I forgave you thrice,
chances I kept on giving.
I saw only love in my eyes,
and thought it was the reason
that I kept on living.

But you are after all,
just a bitch that you are.
the same in light and dark,
with no soul and no heart,
among the devils
you're probably worst of all.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

International Women's Day

It was always about who was superior,
a battle of the genders; woman or man.
The reality is no one is better or inferior,
and that was always one of God's plans.

For mankind to learn how to love each other,
instead of racing to the line of dominance.
Men and women both must rely on another,
only then will mankind find it's prominence.

They say Eve was created from a rib of Adam,
this means that women will always be a necessity for man.
And they are the ones who bare the seeds when we plant them,
for without them; we would have nothing but an empty planet,
filled with just oceans of water and deserted lands.

Today is a day we finally show some gratitude to our ladies,
that we appreciate their worth and that they are our worlds.
We've realised we would never progress without them so just maybe,
they may forgive us if we instil truth in our sweet words.

Dear women of the world; every day is international women's day,
today is just the birth and beginning for love you deserve.
These are only the first few words that we wanted to say,
and this appreciation we show shall always be preserved.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

A Mother's Prayer

Cradled in her arms as I was born,
"you are my angel" she said,
crying through the storm.

I was new to this world,
prayers I heard,
In her sweet words,
cherishing me,
as I sounded a burp.

This is my only memory,
of when I was born.
Of when she set me free,
to be my own master and lord.

Years later I'm now fully grown,
and I cherish her 
as she had cared for me.
And I shall always be there
as through the years
she was always there for me.

I always heard her whisper words,
and when I was but a child,
I didn't understand what I heard,
not for years; not for a good while.

They were prayers. 
Asking for my health and safety,
her love was a blessing,
It goes without saying,
even now I miss the way 
she had embraced me.

Cradled in her arms even today,
"You are my angel" she still says,
gentle tears that flow,
and with the wind they fly away.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

My Tears Cry

It hurts so much
that even my tears cry.
Never feeling your touch,
Twas hope that used to 
make all of my fears fly.

Heaven is in your arms,
a garden I'll never reach.
I promised you no harm,
was it all but a dream?

My tears even cry,
for a story with no ending.
A tale where the hero dies,
before the pages even ended.

I can't find you anymore,
you were in my heart.
You were still there,
I could have sworn,
maybe it's just too dark.

My eyes are blind,
there is no light.
Doubts seem to cover
every corner of my mind.

A smokeless fire,
a cloudless sky.
A dying desire,
a soundless sigh.

may death take me
for I've lost all will.
and even if breath saves me,
I will still have
so many dreams unfulfilled.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

The Song We Live

Life is a song,
we all wanna sing it.
But we're scared of 
getting it so wrong,
afraid of those
thoughts that we're thinking.

Afraid that we won't,
be able to hit
all of the notes.
Afraid that we can't
make it sound 
as good as we'd hope.

Our heart the instrumental 
beating in a rhythm,
so perfectly in a beat,
we just need to listen
and simply look
for the centre of peace.

Trying to control
our vocals like our feelings.
The music is in our soul,
and also helps us
to keep on breathing.

It's not easy to write
words to fit as lyrics.
We need to close our eyes,
and record our very spirits.
The magic during the night,
also found during morning light,
you'll find that we live it.

Sometimes we find
everything when we sleep.
In day we can be blind,
but open our eyes in our dreams.
Just close your eyes,
and find the beat,
and your song 
will be exactly as you dreamed.