Monday, 15 February 2016

To Love Again

Scribbles across the page, and all across the lines,
trying to write a song from the depths of my mind.
A desire to understand what I'm hearing in my beating heart,
A melody of love that will stretch to reach the door of time.

Mornings I wake with smiles but i first think of you,
your smile carved into my mind like a canvas eloquently drawn.
Your beauty a miracle from the heavens gates of truth,
and eyes that reflect such magnificence of that a rising dawn.

Your heart is a crimson diamond; so precious and so rare,
and your love is something desired by the world.
How can one be so elegant, so divine, so beautiful and fair,
to the extent that they just cannot be defined by words?

You are the poetry that is beating in my singing heart,
you are the miracle that the universe is revolving around.
You are the light that eradicates the sinking dark,
a beauty understood without even involving a sound.

Dreams of loving you only makes this desire grow stronger,
and even so they feel more right than reality feels.
And as my thoughts wander; the days grow longer,
should pain ever reach me; you are why I heal.

Falling in love for a dream fearing my heart when I meet you,
the beating will become as drums in a hollow room.
Yet every time I hear your voice or even think of you,
I fall again. A love more gentle than the whistle of a flute.

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