Wednesday, 24 February 2016


Tears are flowing on my cheek as I attempt to write,
a song from my heart that would tear open the skies.
A silent screech that even causes the devil to cry,
a broken soul with no more hope remaining to fight.

The stars are mourning for a heart so broken and breathless,
Death itself pity's my heart and it's shattered pieces.
Late at night I'm always finding myself so open and restless,
An eternal war even if both former and latter are defeated.

Hell itself is frozen over by the cold screeches it hears,
the gates of heaven shaken by the mourns it fears. 
An echo sounded that finds the edge of the very universe,
such pain and misery that even death would not revere.

There's a hole in my heart from which the blood flows,
and if the hole wasn't there; it'd be where the love grows.
A hole in my heart is as a bullet through the core of my soul,
everything I ever was that kept me warm is now forever cold.

There's nothing left in this life and no purpose remains,
I see only death in my eyes which is certain to drain.
My heart is exhausted; my tears turn to crimson streams,
and there is nothing left to hear all of heart's screams.

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