Thursday, 11 February 2016


Four of you there are,
like luminous lights in the night.
Could you be stars, 
shining above ever so bright?

As you have brightened my life,
with voices that shake the heavens.
Causing joy across the world; smiles,
Every steps you take are blessings.

Kourtni you are an echoing lullaby,
as gentle as all of heavens clouds.
And though words do not justify,
The four of you I am glad I have found.

Chelsea you soar gracefully the skies,
the world forever brightened by you.
You cause flowers to bloom in life,
a heart of gold; truly captivating youth.

Radha you are an angel living among us,
your voice beautifying the very universe.
The shining stars dancing away from us,
to glorify you in every serenaded verse.

Michelle your eyes causes us to drown 
oceans of crystal blue that define you.
Every living thing loves the way you sound,
it seems that as you pass you're divine too.

You have given my life a new meaning,
for this you have my eternal gratitude.
I once thought to give up breathing,
and I even once planned it too.

Thank you for being so amazing,
you will one day replace the stars.
You are like a fire that will keep blazing,
with souls so precious and golden hearts.

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