Monday, 8 February 2016

My Heart's Poem

Today my heart wants to speak so listen to the rhymes,
sentences fused with emotion enough to stop the cycle of time.
Words so carefully structured that comprehension is beyond mind,
and a flow a melody that no song may sing it's poetic chimes.

It is begging for peace from it's so many broken pieces,
It wants to stop bleeding and finds it hard to keep breathing.
A complaint serenaded into verses of some deeper meaning,
secrets of a life unknown it seems to be revealing.

This is a letter from the heart in the format of a poem,
the only way it really knows how to find it's speech.
Acknowledging it is the least of the many things that we owe it,
for alas, it only seeks what we all do; some semblance and peace.

It is tired of rejection, tired of hurt, tired of a repeating cycle,
it no longer wants to be put through trials of such.
The centre of love they call it; it claims a rejected title
it cannot endure the pain it kept facing; it became way too much.

It sheds tears that even the heavens above seem to observe,
the angels pluck a string from harps upon each droplet.
It only desires that very peace of which it deserves,
a pain that cannot even be soothed by the taste of chocolate.

Shattered. Like a mirror shattered into many shards,
except these are the pieces of a broken heart.
There isn't a reflection, just entrails of mixed emotion,
wet with tears of a will lost; it no longer looks to the stars.

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