Sunday, 7 February 2016

Let Me Drown

I want to drown. I want the ocean to take me,
I want my sorrow to push me so far down,
that it becomes impossible to save me.
I don't want to see this world anymore;
I don't want to hear even a single sound.
I've been pushed so far to a point now,
that now the whole world thinks I'm crazy.
I don't blame them; I can only blame me,
I was always doomed; I was always bound,
for a fate that would forever play me.
Why is everything so messy and so loud,
I can't take it anymore; everybody hates me.
I hate myself, my heart wants to escape me,
It wants to rule it's body; it wants a crown.
I have lost control of the blood it gave me,
and it's been too much; way too much lately.
I want to hide from the things that pain me,
I want my shadow to one day replace me,
I am without a reason to be happy or proud.
I am lost now without a desire to be found,
no memory of the parents who raised me,
I've lived my  life head held high bravely,
today I am defeated by regrets and doubt.
I am worthless, forever lost so let me drown.

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