Thursday, 11 February 2016

It feels like love

Sleep comes to us like a continuous melody playing,
a spell cast on our tired eyes like memories fading.
A new day in our monotonous lives as if destiny's swaying,
dwelling on yesterday as if our stories and legacy's failing.

Yet your sweet caress and a thought of your blissful kiss,
It removes all thought of a pessimistic mentality I lived with.
I always desired a place in heaven but it's the very heavens you bring,
you are more than an angel, more than a miracle; you are a gift.

I would paint the skies with the love you would bestow,
I would bring down the very stars so that you could know.
That the things that I write on paper could not be enough,
just to talk about the very way that you shine and glow.

You cause heart to flutter and indulge in athletics inside,
It jumps in joy and for your desired love it sends an invite.
My doubtful mind overwhelmed by the life it's regained,
you are the sole fuel of the flame that you now ignite.

You are the first thought before I sleep and when I wake,
It's like you linger in my mind till morning greets day.
You are in the balcony of my thoughts and my heart on it's knees,
A romeo internal and complete poetry in everything it will say.

Shakespeare could not write a story of such a fabled love,
nor could the heavens provide more beauty from clouds above
You revive dead hearts and cause butterflies to forever lust,
please cupid, tell me, Is this what it feels like to be in love?

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