Friday, 26 February 2016

First Love

People say that love can be found at first sight,
or on the first word when you say hey, hello and Hi.
People say Love is only when you find yourself in their eyes,
but I say, Love is something that makes people soar the skies.

Love is for everyone, but not at the same time or place,
It has it's own plans for each and every individual seeking it.
Love will find you at a time where you find yourself without words to say,
and not for those who only think they've found it because they've needed it.

Love is thought to be the cure and remedy to lonely souls,
while some consider it a poison that flows through the veins.
Love, for those in solitude can sometimes be known as their only hope,
while those who despise it fear only of it's resulting pain should it fail.

When love touches you and embraces you in it's essence,
there is no longer an exit or an escape to be found.
You are trapped until it chooses to release you from it's presence,
and becomes a void reality for whatever destiny you are bound.

If you are shot and stung by cupid's heart shaped arrow,
then know that you are soon to fall in love with a dream.
And should it be that this becomes more real than your shadow,
never let go of this bliss because it would forever be peace.

The first love is the truest of all loves to be sought,
and if you are lucky to find this love between you both,
Keep ahold of this magic as it stands firm upon it's own law,
and it shall embrace both your hearts and your intertwining souls.

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