Sunday, 7 February 2016

Dear Friend

Dear friend,
I know that it seems like the world is turning away,
but remember that there will always be another day.
It may go dark for a while and it may seem late,
but the sun is behind the moon waiting to rise up again.

Your heart may be broken but it's something to fix,
even that dreams of a day to come of infinite bliss.
The heavens will open it's door when you embrace your first kiss,
and shower it's blessings upon the very life that you live.

We have to face the bad to find the good and pure,
we have to suffer the pain to find the remedy and cure.
Time is always on our side if we are patient enough,
and you'll see the fruit it bears and the many open doors.

Dear friend,
It may be hard to smile now because it just seems hard,
and it's okay to cry but don't let it harden your heart.
Tears only mean that we are human enough to feel sorrow,
but if you look forward to tomorrow; you may find yourself among the stars.

If you find yourself alone just know that you have a friend,
I will be by your side as I have been from the start to the end.
I will not let you face this hardship on your own and alone,
I will be there every moment until there is no misery left.

I will help you fix your heart until you can love again,
until you find your smile and place your trust in above again.
The stars will dance in joy that you find happiness once more,
And I promise you that you will be able to trust again. 

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