Monday, 22 February 2016

Dear Avri

I look at your eyes and I see the reflection of this beautiful world,
we can drown in your eyes as they are like the ocean.
I feel there is no justification in any amount of rhyming words,
to define the beauty you are, the inspiration for this emotion.

You cause hearts to beat again when they're thought to be dead,
You cause stars to speak again when once thought out of breath.
You cause the very heavens to humble themselves before you,
You are such that even the angels had cried when they saw you.

Those very angels spread their wings so you may walk upon them,
the sun and moon prostrating in your divine grace.
If a poem simply isn't good enough then let us write a song then,
for a soul so beautiful that will keep every fire ablaze.

Your heart seems to be a diamond gem of pure crimson,
a soft nurturing cushion of love for those you give it to.
 Your voice sounds like the chimes of the a melody when we listen,
you are so rare that your love alone nears extinction,
and you are a miracle to witness for those living too.

I have not the words in any dictionary that I can find,
or the thoughts to record that are made in my mind.
Why do I feel so poetically blind for the apple of my eye,
for whom words should reach infinity without a trail behind.

You are such a sight to behold that causes such wonder and awe,
and have made humble the Queens that have passed you before.
You stir a meaningful passion for those seeking love in life,
they would cut their own wrists just for once glance into your eyes.

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