Thursday, 4 February 2016

A Gift

We often dream of a paradise
with rivers of wine and milk,
If only we weren't paralysed,
with living the lives that we live.

Succumbed by the rule of heart,
inflicting a war with our minds.
Are we too blind to see the stars,
and the meaning behind every rhyme?

This universe is the poetry we seek,
answers in the beauty that we see.
Far beyond that of our lonely dreams,
yet some secret remains and we let it be.

Our eyes are gifts; a blessing and bliss,
to the many things we're able to behold.
From new born babies to seeing doves kiss,
and galaxies forming as the universe unfolds

Our pen that records the very same words,
our minds dare not speak lest wrong.
Yet there are no rules in this glorious world,
that would stop mind and heart from song.

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