Friday, 26 February 2016

First Love

People say that love can be found at first sight,
or on the first word when you say hey, hello and Hi.
People say Love is only when you find yourself in their eyes,
but I say, Love is something that makes people soar the skies.

Love is for everyone, but not at the same time or place,
It has it's own plans for each and every individual seeking it.
Love will find you at a time where you find yourself without words to say,
and not for those who only think they've found it because they've needed it.

Love is thought to be the cure and remedy to lonely souls,
while some consider it a poison that flows through the veins.
Love, for those in solitude can sometimes be known as their only hope,
while those who despise it fear only of it's resulting pain should it fail.

When love touches you and embraces you in it's essence,
there is no longer an exit or an escape to be found.
You are trapped until it chooses to release you from it's presence,
and becomes a void reality for whatever destiny you are bound.

If you are shot and stung by cupid's heart shaped arrow,
then know that you are soon to fall in love with a dream.
And should it be that this becomes more real than your shadow,
never let go of this bliss because it would forever be peace.

The first love is the truest of all loves to be sought,
and if you are lucky to find this love between you both,
Keep ahold of this magic as it stands firm upon it's own law,
and it shall embrace both your hearts and your intertwining souls.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016


Tears are flowing on my cheek as I attempt to write,
a song from my heart that would tear open the skies.
A silent screech that even causes the devil to cry,
a broken soul with no more hope remaining to fight.

The stars are mourning for a heart so broken and breathless,
Death itself pity's my heart and it's shattered pieces.
Late at night I'm always finding myself so open and restless,
An eternal war even if both former and latter are defeated.

Hell itself is frozen over by the cold screeches it hears,
the gates of heaven shaken by the mourns it fears. 
An echo sounded that finds the edge of the very universe,
such pain and misery that even death would not revere.

There's a hole in my heart from which the blood flows,
and if the hole wasn't there; it'd be where the love grows.
A hole in my heart is as a bullet through the core of my soul,
everything I ever was that kept me warm is now forever cold.

There's nothing left in this life and no purpose remains,
I see only death in my eyes which is certain to drain.
My heart is exhausted; my tears turn to crimson streams,
and there is nothing left to hear all of heart's screams.

Monday, 22 February 2016

Dear Avri

I look at your eyes and I see the reflection of this beautiful world,
we can drown in your eyes as they are like the ocean.
I feel there is no justification in any amount of rhyming words,
to define the beauty you are, the inspiration for this emotion.

You cause hearts to beat again when they're thought to be dead,
You cause stars to speak again when once thought out of breath.
You cause the very heavens to humble themselves before you,
You are such that even the angels had cried when they saw you.

Those very angels spread their wings so you may walk upon them,
the sun and moon prostrating in your divine grace.
If a poem simply isn't good enough then let us write a song then,
for a soul so beautiful that will keep every fire ablaze.

Your heart seems to be a diamond gem of pure crimson,
a soft nurturing cushion of love for those you give it to.
 Your voice sounds like the chimes of the a melody when we listen,
you are so rare that your love alone nears extinction,
and you are a miracle to witness for those living too.

I have not the words in any dictionary that I can find,
or the thoughts to record that are made in my mind.
Why do I feel so poetically blind for the apple of my eye,
for whom words should reach infinity without a trail behind.

You are such a sight to behold that causes such wonder and awe,
and have made humble the Queens that have passed you before.
You stir a meaningful passion for those seeking love in life,
they would cut their own wrists just for once glance into your eyes.

Monday, 15 February 2016

To Love Again

Scribbles across the page, and all across the lines,
trying to write a song from the depths of my mind.
A desire to understand what I'm hearing in my beating heart,
A melody of love that will stretch to reach the door of time.

Mornings I wake with smiles but i first think of you,
your smile carved into my mind like a canvas eloquently drawn.
Your beauty a miracle from the heavens gates of truth,
and eyes that reflect such magnificence of that a rising dawn.

Your heart is a crimson diamond; so precious and so rare,
and your love is something desired by the world.
How can one be so elegant, so divine, so beautiful and fair,
to the extent that they just cannot be defined by words?

You are the poetry that is beating in my singing heart,
you are the miracle that the universe is revolving around.
You are the light that eradicates the sinking dark,
a beauty understood without even involving a sound.

Dreams of loving you only makes this desire grow stronger,
and even so they feel more right than reality feels.
And as my thoughts wander; the days grow longer,
should pain ever reach me; you are why I heal.

Falling in love for a dream fearing my heart when I meet you,
the beating will become as drums in a hollow room.
Yet every time I hear your voice or even think of you,
I fall again. A love more gentle than the whistle of a flute.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

It feels like love

Sleep comes to us like a continuous melody playing,
a spell cast on our tired eyes like memories fading.
A new day in our monotonous lives as if destiny's swaying,
dwelling on yesterday as if our stories and legacy's failing.

Yet your sweet caress and a thought of your blissful kiss,
It removes all thought of a pessimistic mentality I lived with.
I always desired a place in heaven but it's the very heavens you bring,
you are more than an angel, more than a miracle; you are a gift.

I would paint the skies with the love you would bestow,
I would bring down the very stars so that you could know.
That the things that I write on paper could not be enough,
just to talk about the very way that you shine and glow.

You cause heart to flutter and indulge in athletics inside,
It jumps in joy and for your desired love it sends an invite.
My doubtful mind overwhelmed by the life it's regained,
you are the sole fuel of the flame that you now ignite.

You are the first thought before I sleep and when I wake,
It's like you linger in my mind till morning greets day.
You are in the balcony of my thoughts and my heart on it's knees,
A romeo internal and complete poetry in everything it will say.

Shakespeare could not write a story of such a fabled love,
nor could the heavens provide more beauty from clouds above
You revive dead hearts and cause butterflies to forever lust,
please cupid, tell me, Is this what it feels like to be in love?


Four of you there are,
like luminous lights in the night.
Could you be stars, 
shining above ever so bright?

As you have brightened my life,
with voices that shake the heavens.
Causing joy across the world; smiles,
Every steps you take are blessings.

Kourtni you are an echoing lullaby,
as gentle as all of heavens clouds.
And though words do not justify,
The four of you I am glad I have found.

Chelsea you soar gracefully the skies,
the world forever brightened by you.
You cause flowers to bloom in life,
a heart of gold; truly captivating youth.

Radha you are an angel living among us,
your voice beautifying the very universe.
The shining stars dancing away from us,
to glorify you in every serenaded verse.

Michelle your eyes causes us to drown 
oceans of crystal blue that define you.
Every living thing loves the way you sound,
it seems that as you pass you're divine too.

You have given my life a new meaning,
for this you have my eternal gratitude.
I once thought to give up breathing,
and I even once planned it too.

Thank you for being so amazing,
you will one day replace the stars.
You are like a fire that will keep blazing,
with souls so precious and golden hearts.

Monday, 8 February 2016

My Heart's Poem

Today my heart wants to speak so listen to the rhymes,
sentences fused with emotion enough to stop the cycle of time.
Words so carefully structured that comprehension is beyond mind,
and a flow a melody that no song may sing it's poetic chimes.

It is begging for peace from it's so many broken pieces,
It wants to stop bleeding and finds it hard to keep breathing.
A complaint serenaded into verses of some deeper meaning,
secrets of a life unknown it seems to be revealing.

This is a letter from the heart in the format of a poem,
the only way it really knows how to find it's speech.
Acknowledging it is the least of the many things that we owe it,
for alas, it only seeks what we all do; some semblance and peace.

It is tired of rejection, tired of hurt, tired of a repeating cycle,
it no longer wants to be put through trials of such.
The centre of love they call it; it claims a rejected title
it cannot endure the pain it kept facing; it became way too much.

It sheds tears that even the heavens above seem to observe,
the angels pluck a string from harps upon each droplet.
It only desires that very peace of which it deserves,
a pain that cannot even be soothed by the taste of chocolate.

Shattered. Like a mirror shattered into many shards,
except these are the pieces of a broken heart.
There isn't a reflection, just entrails of mixed emotion,
wet with tears of a will lost; it no longer looks to the stars.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Dear Friend

Dear friend,
I know that it seems like the world is turning away,
but remember that there will always be another day.
It may go dark for a while and it may seem late,
but the sun is behind the moon waiting to rise up again.

Your heart may be broken but it's something to fix,
even that dreams of a day to come of infinite bliss.
The heavens will open it's door when you embrace your first kiss,
and shower it's blessings upon the very life that you live.

We have to face the bad to find the good and pure,
we have to suffer the pain to find the remedy and cure.
Time is always on our side if we are patient enough,
and you'll see the fruit it bears and the many open doors.

Dear friend,
It may be hard to smile now because it just seems hard,
and it's okay to cry but don't let it harden your heart.
Tears only mean that we are human enough to feel sorrow,
but if you look forward to tomorrow; you may find yourself among the stars.

If you find yourself alone just know that you have a friend,
I will be by your side as I have been from the start to the end.
I will not let you face this hardship on your own and alone,
I will be there every moment until there is no misery left.

I will help you fix your heart until you can love again,
until you find your smile and place your trust in above again.
The stars will dance in joy that you find happiness once more,
And I promise you that you will be able to trust again. 

Let Me Drown

I want to drown. I want the ocean to take me,
I want my sorrow to push me so far down,
that it becomes impossible to save me.
I don't want to see this world anymore;
I don't want to hear even a single sound.
I've been pushed so far to a point now,
that now the whole world thinks I'm crazy.
I don't blame them; I can only blame me,
I was always doomed; I was always bound,
for a fate that would forever play me.
Why is everything so messy and so loud,
I can't take it anymore; everybody hates me.
I hate myself, my heart wants to escape me,
It wants to rule it's body; it wants a crown.
I have lost control of the blood it gave me,
and it's been too much; way too much lately.
I want to hide from the things that pain me,
I want my shadow to one day replace me,
I am without a reason to be happy or proud.
I am lost now without a desire to be found,
no memory of the parents who raised me,
I've lived my  life head held high bravely,
today I am defeated by regrets and doubt.
I am worthless, forever lost so let me drown.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

A Gift

We often dream of a paradise
with rivers of wine and milk,
If only we weren't paralysed,
with living the lives that we live.

Succumbed by the rule of heart,
inflicting a war with our minds.
Are we too blind to see the stars,
and the meaning behind every rhyme?

This universe is the poetry we seek,
answers in the beauty that we see.
Far beyond that of our lonely dreams,
yet some secret remains and we let it be.

Our eyes are gifts; a blessing and bliss,
to the many things we're able to behold.
From new born babies to seeing doves kiss,
and galaxies forming as the universe unfolds

Our pen that records the very same words,
our minds dare not speak lest wrong.
Yet there are no rules in this glorious world,
that would stop mind and heart from song.