Sunday, 24 January 2016

The Letter From My Heart

I sent her a letter from my heart:

You paint the skies; day and night; in colours so vividly bright,
you freeze time as you pass and soar and as you blissfully glide.
You are but an angel enchanting the veil over our eyes,
A beauty, such beauty that just cannot be described.
Your heart is the crimson gem that heaven keeps safe,
A precious ornament stored within you and blessed by your grace.
Your eyes are the reflection of a beauty found in dreams,
yet even so you would be as majestic the same in rain.
Let the fires blaze they would say passing through days,
as the magic would change, and your beauty heals the pain.
You are divine through time and space and yet it's prayed,
that you would one day be our hope and saving grace.

And she replied:

Your words are meaningful and have heart, lets run away together, away from all of the city lights, where no one knows our names yet, and we can see the stars in the beautiful night sky, we'll camp out in the open and gaze upon each others eyes, 
We'll own nothing more than we need, we'll watch sun rises color the sky, we'd be away from all of society's eyes, this; our own journey will be scary.
But we'll leave without hesitance or even a plan, and I know that everything will be alright, as long as you are here holding my hand.

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